Koya University lecturers at TTP of ASU

The Teacher Training Program (TTP) at the Arizona State University (ASU) is an internationally renowned and award winning program for lecturers in English Language teaching. This academic year (2014/2015) two lecturers from Koya University, Mr Hawkar Akram Awla and Mr Mustsafa Wshyar Abdulla, assistant lecturers in the Department of English, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences were awarded a fully-funded scholarships for joining the TTP of the Arizona State University  (ASU). The program is sponsored by the US Embassy- Baghdad and Arizona State University and lasts for 47 days starting from June 13, 2015 and ending on July 31, 2015.

The aim of the program is to help the participants learn English teaching methodology through a variety of courses, and increase their understanding of American culture and universities through field trips and activities. Participants are placed in groups of 25 master’s students. The group receives 20 hours of training a week for six weeks with limited instruction on Fridays. Participants will have many opportunities to meet Americans, practice English and develop friendships. Participants will be placed in American homestays.

The program was announced on the website of the US Embassy –Baghdad and where Koya University lecturers  applied. After a tough competitive process two of our lecturers were selected. Teachers throughout Iraq applied for this scholarship program but only 50 teachers managed to get the scholarship. The applicants were selected on the basis of their academic merits, CVs, and essays. Applicants, in their applications, had to demonstrate a commitment to the development of English language teaching in Iraq. The candidates were divided into two groups each one consisting of 25 teachers. The second group will start their course in August.  

It is anticipated that this program assists participants in learning new methods of English language teaching and familiarizes them to dynamic teach method practiced at ASU through class observations at the university. Mr Hawkar and Mustafa emphasized that this interactive training opportunity at ASU to be an invaluable experience, as it would specifically enable us to further develop ourselves and to improve our knowledge about English teaching methodology. The training program offers a great opportunity to acquire practical experience and knowledge of state-of-the art techniques in teaching English.

Each participant of the course was required to tell the academic staff of ASU and other participants about the place of their work. Mr Hawkar and Mustafa also gave an introduction to Koya University and explained how it feels to be a lecturer at Koya University as well as part of an e-Smart university that is well connected via e-communication.

They highly recommend that other teachers from Koya University and other universities to apply for and participate in such kind of programs. The program symbolizes the newest and the best resources and teaching methods available, and gives participants the chance to upskill and/or diversify in their work, as well as raising the quality in teaching in Koya University.


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