In memory of Koya University Founder

On Tuesday, September 25th, at 10:00 a.m., in front of the entrance of Koya University campus, the curtain opened on the picture of Mr. Mam Jalal, the founder of Koya University with the presence of the president and members of University committee, instructors, employees, students and a number of gusts of the ceremony. After welcoming the attendance, by Mr. Hazm Ali, the media manager of the University, Prof. Dr. Wali M. Hamad the president of Koya University delivered a speech for the crowded on the occasion of installing the picture of the founder of Koya University. The following is the speech of the president of Koya University:

Ladies and gentlemen

Today will be a historical date which is the opening curtain on the picture of our university founder because this is the minimum loyalty of our University towards its founder who is our departed fellow, the leader, the president Mam Jalal. On 10/10/2015, the University committee in a visit to Mam Jalal in order to offer an honorable certificate for him as we were standing astonishing before him. As I was talking about the improvements of his University, we all remember that despite he was physically exhausted, but he was still listening, and he was delighted and comfortable in his eyes. Mr. Awat, his private secretary, asked me to stay for some time and continue talking about Koya University (as he was serving Mam all the time) he said: “he feels in the bottom of Mam’s heart of happiness as he listens to the scientific progress of Koya University”.

Salutation to the greatness of Mam Jalal. Greetings to his mind, his standpoint towards science and scientists.

Dear participants, the citizen of Koya locality, we in Koya presidency by parting its founder, we feel of a big gap of support. Koya University is the University of Mam Jalal. Our task was more difficult in last 3years we went through many crises and some people dreamed of bad omens of our developments. But they are not aware of that (the instructors, employees, and students) of the University, work day and night for the University that founded by the president Mam Jalal.

In front of the picture of Mam, we stood in a loyal way and we say to the great mam that in the coming days your University will celebrate of its thirteenth alumni and in the same time in this year, we decided to award those who are guides of serving the University and their level of science are high.

Ladies and gentlemen

It’s true that in coming days the thirteenth ceremony of alumni will be held and the age of the University becomes 15 years old, but your University needs care and support because nowadays there is a scientific struggle in the world and this puts a huge task and action on our shoulders. This needs your cooperation and the inhabitants of Koya and surrounding areas to be faithful to the founder of Koya University. Until now, Koya University has embraced
thousands of boys and girls of this area. It offered high certificates and it is a part of a scientific and educational line of the region.

Greetings to the soul of Mam Jalal. Greetings to the greatness of the founder of Koya University.


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