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Koya University Press Release

Webometrics Ranked Koya University as the Top KRG University

Webometrics is ranking the World universities according their presence on the Web. In the new announced ranking of the world universities by Webometrics on July 31st 2016 Koya University has been ranked as the top university in Kurdistan Region. This great achievement comes after years of dedicating academic community that embraced a pioneering strategic planning of a student centred e-Smart university. This has led to a better valued academic visibility with a global perspective in mind. The road map has been layout in a 10 years strategic planning starting early 2012 and the results are revealing greater success in the horizon.  

Koya University is Granted $50,000 IREX education program

A Locally Presented International non-profit English Language Center at Koya University; Spring International Language Center (SILC) at the University of Arkansas and Koya University in Koysinjaq, Kurdistan Region, Iraq are teaming up to create an English Language Center at Koya University designed to provide quality English language instruction for students, academics, and members of the community in the region. With the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kurdish region of Iraq raising the standards for English language proficiency for graduates and incoming students, the need for English language instruction is growing regionally.

Aro is listed by Thomson Reuters World of Science

Koya University is pleased to announce that Aro - The Scientific Journal of Koya University has been accepted for indexing in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), a new edition of Web of Science™ as of Feb 2016. Content in this index is under consideration by Thomson Reuters to be accepted in the Science Citation Index Expanded™ (SCIE). The quality and depth of content Web of Science offers to researchers, authors, publishers, and institutions sets it apart from other research databases. The inclusion of Aro in the Emerging Sources Citation Index demonstrates our dedication to providing the most relevant and influential Scientific content to our community.

A good year of academic achievements

The year 2015 was  a good year of academic achievements for Koya University. During this year, Koya University was able to sign four Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with four well-known universities aiming at establishing academic cooperation and promoting higher education and scientific research. We also ranked amongst the 5 best university in Kurdistan Region.

Koya University Shares e-Smart Experience with other Universities

e-Smart University – Koya University as an example, was the title of series of seminars presented by the Vice president for Scientific Affairs of Koya University and Higher Education Koya University to the Universities of Human DevelopmentSalahaddinSulaimani, Raparin and Charmo, following the four seminars on e-Smart University presented to Koya University academic Staff, Dr. Dilan Majid Rostam, the Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Higher Education, held the same seminar for leadership and academic staff of the listed universities. 

Koya University Ranked Amongst Kurdistan's Leading Universities

In the National University Ranking (NUR) of Kurdistan Region in Iraq, Koya University was ranked as one of the among the five best universities of Kurdistan. Obtaining such a status has by no means been easy; it has been the result of sacrificing a lot of time and efforts, and the fruit of four successive years of continuous hard work for the sake of building an e-smart university and enhancing academic presence and visibility. 

German Lambert publishes Koya University Researcher's Book

Balen Dlawer Mirza is a researcher at the Workshop Unit in the Faculty of Engineering of Koya University. He has written a book entitled (Pesticide Residues in Kurdistan Food: Probable MRL Violations, and the Need for an Effective National Food Safety Systems to control Residus ), which will be published by the German Lambert Academic Publishing House. Concerning this, Balen says, "I have conducted my research at Greenwich University in Britain and it is the only research on food safety in Kurdistan. I have collected the data from some real portals of the European Countries.

International joint Research at Koya University

Two Koya University researchers in the  Department of Chemical Engineering conducted a joint research with the British Teesside University. The research is entitled (The Best recovery for the Gaseous Liquids from Natural Gas with the Use of Turbux Spider), which will be published under the name of Koya University in a high- impact factor journal in the USA. One of the researchers explains the process of conducting the research, its importance and content to the Koya University Newsletter. 

Koya University Students Marhaba awardees at the University of Minho

After being awarded a one –year Erasmus Marhaba scholarship program, four students from Koya University are now studying at the University of Minho in Portugal. The students point out the significance of Marhaba Project and deem it an ideal opportunity to study

A Series of Important Seminars on e-Smart University

Dr. Dilan Majid Rostam, Koya University's Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Higher Education, held a series of important seminars about electronic university on 10,17,18 November in which all Koya University teachers participated.


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