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Koya University Press Release

A Delegation from Isfahan University of Technology Visits Koya University

8th September, 2015 was not an ordinary day. On this day, Koya University reaped the rewards of two years work and preparation to establish close relations and a shared vision with Isfahan University of Technology, one of the most well-known Iranian universities.

Koya University participate in UAE Oil and Gas course

Koya University becomes the first university at the level of Kurdistan Region and Iraq to obtain a licensed version of Promax Software, which is one of the most important software in the field of oil and gas used by the specialized engineers of this field, especially for designing and improving the processing of gas and

Scholar Press has published a book by Koya University Scholar

Due to the importance of the researches done by Mr. Karzan Abdul-Kareem Omar, a Koya University scholar at the Department of Chemistry /Faculty of Science and Health of Koya University, four of his researches will be printed and published in the form of a book by the German Scholar Press in the name of Koya University. The staff of the Journal themselves had contacted the researcher for this purpose. The book is now available online. Instructors and students can buy it at a low price. Being published by one of the world scientific and academic journals, the book can be used as a scientific source.

Koya University Students at University of Minho

Marhaba Project (Erasmus Mundus) sends four Koya University students from Faculty of Engineering (FENG) to University of Minho Portugal to study for one academic year in the field of manufacturing engineering. 

Koya University is representing the Kurdistan Region; Rekan Sherif, Dana Ghafar, Shivan Hakim and Shangar Mohemmed are the four students from Koya University who were able to win a one-year scholarship to study at University of Minho/Portugal via Marhaba Project.

The British Small Media Academic Institute Project

Mr. Hiwa Salam, an instructor at the Kurdish department of Koya University participates in a research project of the British Small Media Academic Institute, which is about the oppressed ethnic minorities of the Iranian community. The research is dedicated to the eastern Kurdistan Kurds. 

How he participated in the project 

A new research work was published by our researcher

A research work was published by Koya University Researcher, Dr. Fahmi Fariq, Head of Department of Physics and Lecturer at the Faculty of Science and Health under the title ‘’Impedance spectroscopy analysis of DH6T:PCBM bulk heterojunction incorporating Gaq3: Experiment and model ‘’.  The paper is published in the Journal of Material Science; Materials in Electronics, a peer reviewed journal which is disseminated by Springer. The journal has an impact factor of 1.569 currently.


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