All Koya University graduates are automatically members of the Alumni Association – this means being part of a global network of 18,900 former Koya University students of all ages and professions.

Life-long support for our graduates
Although your time at Koya University has finished, your relationship with us doesn't have to end. As a former Koya University student, you belong to our international network of incredible graduate talent. We are extremely proud of our graduate community, its influence around the globe and exceptional contribution to a broad range of professional fields. Through the Koya University Alumni Association, you can access this incredible pool of talent and a growing range of other exclusive benefits and services. What's more, your continued engagement with the University can make a real difference to the next generation of Koya students – find out how you can get involved.

Koya University Alumni Association (KUAA)
Koya University Alumni Association is a membership organization (under the auspice of the Career Development Directorate) whose programs foster a lifelong connection with the university. The purpose of the Alumni Association is twofold:

  • To promote, influence, and support the educational, cultural, and social life of Koya University, and
  • To provide alumni with the means to serve the campus, its faculties, schools and department, and its students, and to help guide the campus into the future.

The purpose of the KUAA as stated in its Constitution is to promote the welfare of Koya University and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Koya University and its alumni. The KUAA helps alumni connect with the University and with fellow graduates through a wealth of academic activities, continuing education programs, online services, and alumni events.

MissionThe mission of the Alumni Association is to connect alumni to the University and to each other, to provide valued services to members, and to support the University's mission of teaching, research, and service. The mission is also embodied in the Alumni Association's commitment to recognize outstanding alumni and alumni volunteers through its award programs.

Alumni Board
A group of 7 alumni serve on the Koya University HCDP+ Alumni Association board. The board is helping provide the energy and creative ideas required to involve more individuals in an active Alumni Association. If you are interested in serving on the board, contact

Plan now to join the board in their efforts to build a strong Alumni Association of individuals who are engaged and proud of their education and Alumni Association!

The KUAA Board of Directors holds three slated meetings each year in Koya University. At these meetings, in addition to the transaction of the business of the Association, the Directors are informed about University programs, facilities, and concerns. They participate in discussions with students, administrators, and faculty members. Informed Directors can thus provide knowledgeable leadership in interpreting Koya University to alumni and others. These meetings assist in spreading the current story of Koya University.


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