Koya University Students at University of Minho

Marhaba Project (Erasmus Mundus) sends four Koya University students from Faculty of Engineering (FENG) to University of Minho Portugal to study for one academic year in the field of manufacturing engineering. 

Koya University is representing the Kurdistan Region; Rekan Sherif, Dana Ghafar, Shivan Hakim and Shangar Mohemmed are the four students from Koya University who were able to win a one-year scholarship to study at University of Minho/Portugal via Marhaba Project.

Regarding this opportunity, Rekan Sherif, one of the four students says, "After the announcement of the four seats by Marhaba Project (Erasmus Mundus), four Kurdistan universities were in competition for the seats. Fortunatey, the Koya University students had the chance to get the four seats. Thus, Koya University now representing Kurdistan Region at University of Minho." 

Rekan mentioned that they continue their third stage of college at University of Minho in Portugal, which is one of the advanced universities. During this year's study, apart from taking Portuguese language course, all their other courses will centre on Department of Production and Systems Engineering. After finishing this academic year, which lasts about 10 months, the students will return to Koya University to continue their fourth stage. 

Rekan seized the opportunity to express his special thanks and gratitude to Dr. Dilan Majid Rostam, Vice President for Scientific Affairs at Koya University and Higher Education for helping them get this invaluable chance, stating, "Without his cooperation and help, it would not have been easy for us to get this offer. The four of us would like to offer special thanks and gratitude to him and we appreciate his great efforts to gain this privilege for Koya University." 

Dr. Basim Fadhil, head of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering, stresses the importance of this opportunity and states, "We consider these students our representatives or ambassadors. They represent the bright face of Kurdistan and the mirror that reflects the scientific level of Koya University." We ask these dear students to do their best to gain the utmost knowledge and to show a high level and obtain very good results. They are the first group to go on this visit and we hope that they will be a good start to enhance the name and reputation of Koya University." Dr. Fadhil added. With regard to the help and support offered to these students, Dr. Fadhil says, "We should by no means deny the leading role of Dr. Wali Mahmud Hamed, the Koya University President, Dr. Dilan Majid Rostam, the Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Higher Education, the dean of the Faculty of Engineering and all the instructors of the department, who all have played an important role in helping and supporting the students in every way possible." 

Department of Manufacturing Engineering (DMFE

This department is one of the important departments of Koya University. It has been established within the Faculty of Engineering for the purpose of manufacturing local products and for its expected future role in serving the Kurdish community in terms of production and manufacturing. It has been receiving students for three years. In this department, students are acquainted with the most important principles of manufacturing engineering and are prepared to become experienced cadres in this field. At present, the department owns an advanced workshop containing very important equipment, which the students can make use of not only in their practical lectures but also for their graduation research projects It is a department within the Faculty of Engineering which has 77 students up to this time. Department of Manufacturing Engineering has two advanced laboratories along with an expert staff. Click here for more information. 

About the Faculty o Engineering 

The Faculty of Engineering is one of the basic and most important faculties of Koya University. It has a high status within the academic structure of the University with seven specialized departments, which are: Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Oil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Software Engineering and manufacturing Engineering. For more information about the Faculty, click here. 

By; Koya University press room 


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