Scholar Press has published a book by Koya University Scholar

Due to the importance of the researches done by Mr. Karzan Abdul-Kareem Omar, a Koya University scholar at the Department of Chemistry /Faculty of Science and Health of Koya University, four of his researches will be printed and published in the form of a book by the German Scholar Press in the name of Koya University. The staff of the Journal themselves had contacted the researcher for this purpose. The book is now available online. Instructors and students can buy it at a low price. Being published by one of the world scientific and academic journals, the book can be used as a scientific source.

The story of printing the book

The book is entitled (Metal-Oxide Nanoparticles). About printing it, Mr. Karzan Abdul-Kareem says, '' Mr. Stefano Rossi, one of the editors of the Scholar Press Journal had read my researches, and he informed me that the Scholar Press Journal considered such researches very important and suggested that I collect some of my researches in the form of a book and they offered to publish it in their Journal.''

Mr. Karzan's book has been published in the name of Koya Univeristy. It consists of four researches. One of the researches has been conducted jointly with two Assistant Professors of the Chemistry Department namely, (Bashdar Ismaeel Mina and Nsar Sherko Omer) . Another of his researches has been conducted with (Ms. Sirwa Ali Muhammad) in the Medical Microbiology Department

Concerning the chosen topics included in the book, Mr. Karzan says, '' The topic chosen for research is "Meta Oxide Nanoparticles" which is considered very important in today's scientific world because of its characteristics such as its small size and its large surface area which gives the Nano material a great deal of activity. Because of all these characteristics, it is used in the fields of industry, medicine, treatment of lethal diseases, and in environment protection. In view of all these, I have dedicated my research to this topic.''

Summary of the researches

Summary of the researches is the preparation of Oxide Nanoparticle in different ways and different sizes studying their use in different fields as catalysts for speeding the chemical processes and for absorbing the Heavy Metals in the agricultural lands of the Kurdistan Region and also using them as antibacterials or antifungals.

The First Research 

Preparing different sizes of Tin Oxide Nanoparticle by Electrochemical Reduction Method under the effect of different dense electric currents.

Second Reasearch

Preparation of Manganese Dioxide Nanoparticles by the Chemical Co-precipitation Method and using it as a Catalyst.

Third Research 

Preparation of Ferrum Oxide Nanoparticle by the Chemical Co-precipitation Method and using it as an adsorbent for cleaning the agricultural lands of Kurdistan from the Lead metal which poses great risk to human health. 

Fourth research 

Preparation of Tin Oxide Nano capacity and Zinc together by the So-Gel Method and using it against some types of bacteria and fungi.

The Book is Available Online

The researcher of Koya University wants the other researchers of the University and the students, especially the students of Chemistry Department to buy the book online at a lower price as an offer until the book will be available in hard copy in the libraries. If you wish to have a copy of the book please visit the website of the journal. Click here.

The value of the research 

Considering the value and benefit of the published researches, Mr. Karzan says, '' The result of the researches reveals that Oxide Nanoparticles of the metals can be of benefit. A small amount of the Nano metal can be used for accelerating the chemical processes and it is also effective in cleaning the agricultural lands of Kurdistan Region from the Heavy Materials especially Lead which is one of the most dangerous metal, as a high proportion of this material in the agricultural lands poses great risk to the health of the citizens of Kurdistan. Also this Nano material can be used for destroying some kinds of bacteria and fungi that cause harm to human health." " In the future I will talk about the Nano materials that are used as catalysts and as environment cleansers," he further said.

Academic profile: 

  • Karzan Abdul-Kareem Omar
  • Age: 29 
  • Academic Title: Assistant lecturer 
  • Specialization: Physical Chemistry 
  • Number of researches: six researches 
  • Obtained Bachelor degree from Salahaddin Univeristy and Matser degree in Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada university in India. Please click to see Mr. Karzan's academic website.

About the Faculty of Science and Health 

The Faculty of Science and Health is one of the main faculties of Koya University. It was established in 2010 and consists of the merged colleges of Science and Agriculture. It includes seven important departments; Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Clinical Psychology, and Medical Micro Biology. Each of these departments has their own formal website so that students can always be in contact with the head of the department and their instructors. There are 700 students and 78 academic staff in the faculty. For more information visit the website of the Faculty, click here.


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