Koya University participate in UAE Oil and Gas course

Koya University becomes the first university at the level of Kurdistan Region and Iraq to obtain a licensed version of Promax Software, which is one of the most important software in the field of oil and gas used by the specialized engineers of this field, especially for designing and improving the processing of gas and the refining of oil. This was achieved through the participation of two scholars from the Faculty of Engineering in a course by the American company Bryan Research Engineering held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and lasted for two weeks. 

How Koya University participated 

Both Dr. Mohammed Zangana, head of the Chemical Engineering Department and Rebwar Kirmanj, expert in natural gas participated in the course as Koya University representatives. Dr. Mohammed states, ''We have been in contact for a year with an American software company for producing a software that is used in the field of oil and chemical engineering called Promax.  Then, we came to an agreement to provide us a free copy of that software along with annual updating of the version. This program is profoundly useful for our students, and Koya University is the only university in Iraq to obtain the licensed version on the main website of the program owing to the fact that Koya University has been listed among the national universities using this software. It was only then that Koya University was able to participate in this course.'' Stressing the significance of the topic, Dr. Zengene further added, '' Due to the importance of this topic, we have prepared a course for our fourth year students in the second semester curriculum and will be implemented during this academic year.''

Course Agenda

In the two- week course, a considerable number of topics related to oil and gas processing were presented, including gas sweetening and gas Dehydration. Dr. Mohammed said that the purpose of their participation was for a step- by –step learning of the software use in order to achieve effective results. 

The American Engineering & Bryan Research Company is specialized in the production of the Promax Software. This program is used for the daily work involved in natural gas processing. Apart from academic importance, it is also of vital importance for university graduates in their career and finding job opportunities.

Personal information 

Dr. Mohammed Hasib Zengene, is the Dean of Faculty of Engineering and the acting Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering. His academic title is instructor. He has one joined research and 12 other individual researches. For more information click here

Rebwar Kirmanj Abdul-Rehman is an assistant instructor and an expert in natural gas in the Chemical Engineering Department. He has 26 published researches and 2 books. For more information click here

About the Faculty of Engineering 

The Faculty of Engineering is one of the most important faculties of Koya University. It has a high status in the academic structure of the University and consists of seven specialized departments, which are: Architectural, Civil, Geotechnical, Oil, Chemical, software and Manufacturing engineering. For more information click here



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