President of Koya University on Academic Visit to Iran

Dr. Wali M. Hamad, the President of Koya University paid a one-week visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran where he visited some of the Iranian academic institutions. The purpose of the visit was establishing and enhancing academic cooperation and relations between Koya University and these academic institutions.

The aims of the visit

Within the framework of a visit by a delegation from the Ministries of Higher Education and Education of Kurdistan Regional Government to the Islamic Republic of Iran, on the 11th January 2016, the President of Koya University, Dr.Wali M. Hamad visited some academic and oil institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the purpose of exchanging educational and academic views and establishing academic relations between Koya University and the Iranian academic institutions.

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Referring to the achievements of the visit, the President of Koya University Dr.Wali M. Hamad said, "During the visit, we signed an academic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sahand University of Technology to promote academic cooperation and collaboration in areas of mutual interest between the two Universities in addition to preparing another draft memorandum which will soon be signed''.

The President also added, ''Koya University will get benefit from the results of the visit which provides further impetus to scientific enhancement and development. The content of the memorandum includes various academic aspects aiming at developing and strengthening academic relations between the two Universities''.

The President of Koya University's visit included some academic, educational, and oil institutions in Urmia, Ahvaz, Tehran and Tabriz cities.

Koya University and Iran Universities have close relationship

Last year on the 8th September a delegation from Isfahan University of Technology- Iran paid a 2-day visit to Koya University during which they held a number of scientific seminars and visited some of the laboratories and research centers of Koya University. Later a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by the Presidents Dr.Wali M. Hamad, President of Koya University, and Dr. Mahmoud Modarres-Hashemi, President of Isfahan University of Technology which includes various areas of scientific and academic cooperation between the two universities. For more information click here

Concerning the relationship between Koya University and the Iranian universities, Dr. Hamad says, ''Due to close relations and issues of mutual interest between the two sides, and for the purpose of making use of the experience of the Iranian universities, It would be our pleasure to have strong academic relations with these institutions and we, at Koya University, will work hard to establish and promote effective academic relations with these universities."

Koya University

Koya University is situated at Koya city near the capital of KRG Erbil by 70 Kilometres. The foundation stone of Koya University was laid by His Excellency Mr. Jalal Talabani at the foot of Haibat Sultan Mountain in the spring of 2003. The University has been leading its academic procession for 12 years with the aim of serving the Kurdish community and preparing experienced cadres with an open and perceptive vision and on the basis of scientific thinking and continuous academic development.

Koya University leaders continue performing their academic duties with full sense of responsibility so that after 12 years of continuous work and dogged perseverance, today Koya University has been able to obtain a leading position among the universities of Kurdistan Region. For further information please click here


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