The 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Haji Qadri Koyi 1816 - 2016

In memory of the 200th anniversary of Haji Qadri Koyi's birth, Koya University is organizing an international conference to honour this great poet. Not only Haji Qadri Koyi was a great poet of his time, but he was also one of the last great classical poets of the Kurdish literature. He has been able to embody the changes that have occurred in Kurdistan in the 19th century, especially in relation to the abolition of the system of monarchy and the emergence of national awareness. Through his poetry and position, Haji Qadir has been able to play a key role in the establishment and development of national awareness especially at the level of the elite.

Highlighting this position of Haji Qadri Koyi and carrying out a scientific analysis of his role in the development of the content of Kurdish poetry, and in the development of the Kurdish individual and promoting national identity, is a scientific and urgent obligation for a better understanding of his role and making use of his experience for a careful analysis of our current situation.

The main topics of the conference:

1. Language and literature of Haji Qadir

§ The position of Haji Qadir in relation to Kurdish poets and poetry
§ Haji Qadri Koyi's poetic talent in descriptive and romantic poetry
§ Haji Qadri Koyi, the poet of the Kurds' enlightenment period
§ Haji Qadir's position vis-à-vis the Kurdish language, history and literature.
§ Haji Qadir and political and national poetry

2. Historical background

§ Haji Qadir's life and the development of his personality
§ His cultural and educational activities in Istanbul
§ Haji Qadir's position vis-à-vis the Kurdish history and the Kurdish kingdoms
§ Haji Qadir and the development of national awareness

3. Enlightenment

§ Haji Qadir and Europe's advanced intellectual and cultural movement
§ Haji Qadir and the social life of Kurds- the second half of the 19th century
§ Haji Qadir and cultural reform

Criteria for writing research papers to the conference

§ Researchers have to consider the scientific standards of research writing.
§ The abstract/ summary of the research should not exceed 250 words.
§ They should follow the Koya University referencing system which is based on the Harvard system of referencing.
§ Research papers should be written in Unikurd size 12 font.
§ Research papers are received via e-mail only. Please send your research to the following official e-mail.
§ The languages of the conference are Kurdish and English; however, presenting papers in other languages is also permissible.

The calendar of the conference:

§ Deadline for submitting abstracts is 11/3/2016
§ Announcement of abstract selection results is 1/4/2016
§ Deadline for submitting research texts is 1/5/2016
§ Date of conducting the conference is 22-23/5/2016

Important points:

§ The research papers should not have been published in any journals or presented in any other conferences.
§ Research papers, based on the decision of expert evaluators, may be selected for publishing or for publishing and presenting.
§ Each researcher will be given 30 minutes to present his/her research (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions and answers)
§ Participating in the conference is free of charge but transportation cost has to be covered by conference participants themselves.
§ All research papers will be published in a special issue of the Koya University Journal.

Director of the conference: The Presidency of Koya University


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