Koya University will hold a conference on 15th Anniversary of the Death of Massoud Muhammad, Kurdish Author, Intellectual and Philosopher on April 1st and 2nd 2017. In the conference his works and perspectives will be discussed and analyzed academically.

conference aims 

Massoud Muhammad (1919- 1st March, 2002), was a scholar, author and Intellectual with entirely unprecedented works, having a special philosophical view and vision which reflected in his entire writings; he was also a linguist and a sociolinguist, in addition of being a literary critic. He used to have writings and views on several other aspects with special ways of analysis. 

His literary works are phenomenal; he was a highly creative individual and went into the depth of different fields of knowledge. As a result, Massoud Muhammad’s ideology and thinking appeared to be isolated both intellectually and cognitively in Kurdish cultural arena.

Massoud Muhammad had different views on many of these philosophical, cultural and intellectual phenomena which were not already thought of in this way by others or they might had not been courageous enough to have such a critical thinking, analyze and dissolve its dogmatic joints.

In this regard, Koya University wishes to analyze his literary works during a scientific conference and indicate the true value of his works; the conference will also include discussing the authenticity of his thinking through academic researches. 

Koya University wants to bring him back to an institution which is established in his own city, and needs to make the ideologies of such a phenomenal person to be the background of its research and scientific projects.

Conference Calendar: 

  • Deadline for sending research summaries: 14/1/2017
  • Announcing the results of accepted research summaries: 21/1/2017 
  • Deadline for sending the research text: 20/3/2017 
  • Conference time: 1-2/4/2017

Methods of research writing for the conference: 

  • Researchers must consider the scientific standards of research writings. 
  • The abstract of the research must not exceed 250 words. 
  • The researchers must consider the reference system of Koya University, which is modeled on the system used by Harvard University. 
  • The research must be written with Unicode font, size 12. 
  • The research papers are received only via emails. Kindly please send your research to the following formal email address of the conference: 

Important notice: 

  • The research papers should have not been printed and published elsewhere, or presented in any other forums and conferences. 
  • The research papers may, according to the decision of expert assessors, be chosen either for printing or printing and presenting. 
  • Each researcher will have 30 minutes to present their (his/her) research (20 minutes for presenting and 10 minutes for questions and answers). 
  • Participating in the conference is free of charge, but the cost of coming to the conference is supposed to be covered by the participants. 
  • The entire research papers will be printed in the special publication of the conference. 
  • Any teacher who wishes to attend, they should have previously registered themselves through the conference’s site.

Conference Sections:

  1. Life and personality of Massoud Muhammad
    • Developing and becoming well-known
    • The political and administrative role of Massoud Muhammad
    • His social and cultural role
  2. Philosophical ideology of Massoud Muhammad
    • The specialty of his ideology
    • His philosophical vision
    • Humans in his view
    • His thinking along with criticizing material philosophy
  3. Massoud Muhammad as a linguist, author and critic
    • His vision of Kurdish literature
    • Massoud Muhammad got to know Nali (Kurdish Classic Poet)
    • Massoud Muhammad and Haji Qadri Koyi
    • Author and a linguist
  4. Massoud Muhammad and Religion
  5. Identity and History
    • His vision towards Kurdish identity
    • His analysis of history
    • His view on Kurdish history
    • Koya and its prominent figures in his writings
  6. Any other subject relating to Massoud Muhammad’s ideology and personality

For more information, please visit the website of the Conference:  (http://sites.koyauniversity.org/masoud-mohammad/)

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The international conference of "Massoud Muhammad"