EIOGI 2017 Conference Key Recommendations

EIOGI 2017 conference was organized jointly between Koya University and Missouri University of science and technology and under the sponsorship of IEEE took place from 17th -19th April 2017 at Koya, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 

The Conference had participants from 17 countries including researchers, academicians and representatives of government and oil and gas operating companies in the Kurdistan region. 

The conference mainly focused on the environmental impacts of the oil and gas industry throughout the stages of exploration, production, oil refining and oil products use. 

During the three days of the conference, in addition to the plenary talks, oil and gas company's presentations, 43 papers were presented. 

Based on the comments and inputs from conference participants, the Key recommendations of the EIOGI 2017 conference are summarized as the following: 

1- Establish rules and regulations for industrial landfill in the Kurdistan region.

2- Follow proper Waste management practices to reduce and re use resources in a period. Recycling to minimize wastes should be encouraged. 

3- Oil and gas industry including production, petroleum refining and petrochemical should implement in their processes best environmentally friendly technology.

4- Promote collaborations between Academia, government and oil and gas industry through industrial funded research, training / educational courses and technical conferences and workshops. 

5- Activate and practice the existing rules and regulations and promulgate new regulations related to environmental protection related to the oil and gas industry.

6- Oil and gas industry to practice the full cost accounting for environmental compliances. 

7- Establish laboratories in the Kurdistan region to provide standardized environmental testing under the direction of Kurdistan regional government to ensure that the oil and gas industry meet the rules and regulations. 

8- Increase the green foot print areas associated with Oil and gas activities according to the International standards. 

9- Third International Conference on Petroleum to be organized by Koya University in 2019. 


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