Koya University student built a surveillance drone

A student of fourth stage in Manufacturing Engineering at our university has made a drone, which can be used in the fields of Agriculture, Media, Military and many other fields. 

Shvan Hakim, senior student of Manufacturing Engineering Department at the faculty of Engineering- Koya University, has made a small drone with some outstanding features that can be highly advantageous for Kurdish community as a product of a Kurdish student. 

The idea behind the project 

Each project stems from an idea; Shvan tells us how he came up with the idea, “I have had the fond of using technology since my childhood; I used to work on electronic devices and electrical stuff at home, some of my efforts were successful and others were not. I tried to make a small drone for the first time while I was at 7th grade at school, but it was in vain as I did not have adequate stuff; at the second stage of university I created a quadcopter but did not want to be made public. Furthermore, when I was a student in Portugal last year, I realized that they have made many quadcopters used in various fields; therefore, I insisted to develop my idea and started making the drone as soon as I got back to Kurdistan, hoping to fill a relatively small gap in the areas of technology and airline.” 

“I have been able to make the small drone have all the features as successfully as I wanted,” Shvan added. 

The main features of the quadcopter 

This small drone is a type of “Quadcopter” which can be flown through four propellers and be used in multiple areas including military, agriculture, geography, media, transportation and other fields. Furthermore, the cost of making such a drone is 700$ as claimed by Shvan. 

Shavan notes further and says, “My drone possesses many significant characteristics as effective as those being made in America. Moreover, one of the distinctive features of the drone is that you will not lose it at any circumstances for any signal reasons and it returns to the previous place where it was flown.

Additionally, when the drone runs out of charge, it will not drop but lands automatically; the quadcopter can also transfer data and videos to cell phones, it has plenty of other properties. 

The drone can cover 5kms of distance at a speed of 85 km/hr per hour; the resolution of the pictures and videos is full HD.

 I have made the body of the quadcopter through using aluminum; it can be flown and guided via a remote control by the user.” 

“When someone has an idea in their mind they should work on it, otherwise it will be of no use; it is important for humans to realize their abilities and feel their deficits in the works they do. However, I failed a few times but persistence led me to be successful and achieve my dreams,” he pointed out. 

Inventions by Koya University students 

Dr Rasti Dilshad Ali who is a lecturer at the Department of Manufacturing at Koya University, regarding the assembling of the small drone by one the students in his department stated that “this is a step forward and it shows the determination and resistance of a student who is always after innovation, invention and brilliant jobs” 

Dr Dishad also talked about accomplishing the objectives of the department of Manufacturing Engineering “achieving the objectives of our department is prior to the success of a project. The aim of our department is to ensure that our students have great self-confidence and willingness to work hard in those sectors that they will be working in after their graduation. 

We also hope that the alumni of the department of Manufacturing become one of the well-known professional alumnus in promoting themselves to successful engineers in Kurdistan Region in the years to come”. He said. 

In addition, he talked to us concerning the assembling of the quadcopter and the ability of the Koya University students, and mentioned that “invention is different form assembling. Invention is the process of designing and making all the parts of something from the raw material. We are far away from being able to invent a quadcopter with all its parts from the raw material.

This project shows the ability of the students at the faculty Engineering and Department of Manufacturing in general and the student who assemble the drone in particular in embracing and using modern technology and it is not true for all Koya University students”. He said. 

Dr Dilshad Ali is the PhD holder in Manufacturing Engineering, he has finished his PhD in Stuttgart University in Germany with an excellent degree. His specific major is developing the best procedures of manufacturing methods, here is the academic website of Dr Rasti. 

The Department of Manufacturing Engineering 

is important to Koya University so as to manufacture local products and serve our community in the field of manufacturing and production in the future. This department was opened three years ago as a new department within the faculty of Engineering and students have been studying there for three years.

In this department students are familiarized with the most important principles of manufacturing engineering and they are trained to be professional cadres in their field. The Department of Manufacturing has an advanced workshop with lots of essential tools and devices that students can make use of them in their practical studies and doing their graduating research as well as achieving success in their field of study. 

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Prepared by: the pressroom


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