Koya University is Granted €366000

Koya University and Bielefeld University (Germany) have assigned a agreement to conduct collaborative work on an importnat project that deal with “Transformations of War and Barbarism”. This project is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. The project will fully fund a PhD study on the topic of this project. Koya Univeristy will candidate a PhD student from the Department of Clinical Psychology (DCLP) to carry on the study.

The PhD study proposal will be about the investigation of the psychological impact of the war, especially the recent Daesh (ISIS) war and its related effects on the Kurdish society.

Department of Clinical Psychology (DCLP)

The Department of Clinical Psychology (DCLP) was established in 2010/2011. The DCLP came to birth in a joint venture the help of international organization such as Heartland Alliance. A two year Master program was introduced in a joint effort by Koya University and Heartland Alliance. Ten students graduated with Masters Degrees in Clinical Psychology who today provide wide range of services of various sectors in Kurdistan region. Nevertheless, the First batch of undergraduates were graduated in 2013-2014. The total number of students for the academic year 2014-2015 is 121 (28 in the 4th year, 40 in 3rd year, 32 in 2nd year, and 21 in 1st year).

Department’s Vision

Department of Clinical Psychology endeavors to become an accredited leading department to be able to provide a world class Clinical Psychology education where people are constantly affected by dramatic changes in their life. The DCLP aim to educate the next generation of Clinical psychologists in the region to provide quality services to their communities. DCLP also strive to set the standard for Excellence in Clinical Psychology Training through the integration of clinical practice, research & teaching.

Department’s Mission

Department’s mission is Enhancing the training of clinical psychology graduate students by providing:

  • Evidence-based psychological assessment and treatment services for the Kurdistan and area community
  • Teaching and clinical supervision in state-of-the-art evidence-based therapeutic modalities
  • Research on the causes, assessment, and treatment of psychological disorders.


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