Honoring some of the active and retired teachers of KOU

Today, Koya Presidency is going through one of its brightest days. It will be a golden page of the University. As we all know, in this day, the 11th of October 2003 is the 15 anniversary of the establishment of Koya University, the University that fellow Mam Jalal, who was one of the greatest figures in Kurdistan, Koya, and the Middle East, put the foundation stone 15 years ago. The decision of establishing it became a reality after rumouring. After that day, the University Committee decided to make that day as a University Day according to the University Order letter No.: 07/02/1578 on 06/05/2015 in which it determined the day as the day of Koya University and the yearly alumni festivals will hold in it.

We have fixed this tradition practically for the last three years. This year, the University Committee has decided, according to the University Order no.: 7/2/2388 on 05/06/2018, to reward the deserving, activist, and skillful professors with those who served the University on 10/10 annually. 

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Ladies and gentlemen,
Distinguished Guests,
Selected Professors to honour and reward today,

Today will be an important historic day for our University. On one hand, it will be a memory for its founder. On the other hand, it is a memory of the establishment of the University, and to persuade the faithful and efficient professors. This year, according to the committee decision, 17 names are going to be awarded including the following names:

1. Prof. Dr. Wali M. Hamad
2. Prof. Dr. Zainab A. Ali
3. Asst. Prof. Dr. Salah M. Yahya
4. Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. Zangana
5. Asst. Prof. Dr. Fahmi Farif
6. Asst.Prof. Dr.Hiwa A. Jalal
7. Asst.Prof. Dr. Sarmad R. Karim
8. Lecturer Dr. Hedi A. Rasul
9. Lecturer Dr. Abdulbast K. Faiq
10. Lecturer Dr. Iqbal M.G. Tahir
11. Lecturer Dr. Khalida Q. Faraj
12. Asst. Lecturer Zana M. Sadq
13. Asst. Lecturer Soran K. Omer
14. Asst. Lecturer Hiwa S. Khalid
15. Asst. Lecturer Mustafa W. Abdulla
16. Gulizar R. Karim
17. Bakir A. Rasul

We will move on, in this process and we hope that in the future the number will increase. This is an honour for our University and makes us sure that the development of science is on its line.

Ladies and Gentleman

We hope next year, on the same day, our University will award those, who work in it, that will do researches that not only for expanding their scientific level but for the entire humanity to be proud of them.

We, at the University Administration, know there is a fact that the University scientific level will develop by those who basically do not wait for rewards; but we are honoured and happy to award and name them.

You know in the modern world and secularism need powerful persons to rush in revealing their skills because now we live on Science and Technological World and things go very fast. Any postponement of work will lose its importance and its gleam.

In the Modern world, the treatment with the Universities has changed. Now, all worlds’ Universities are trying to be autonomous institutions. They become a part of investment and finance. From now and forth we ask international institutions, national and powerful figures to help and support the University finance condition and ask for a high level of science and demand for a solution for social and ruling problems from them in return.

The right path is that the authorities help and support the Universities to maintain their scientific level and their graduated rank.

Koya University has a high scientific rank in the region, in Kurdistan and the world. So we ask everyone to support and help us.

From this forum, in this historical day, we pledge we will do our best to keep koya University in its worthy rank and we will continue on the right route of its founder who taught us that there is no limit in time and level for learning and we cannot stop. Let his soul revive and his path loading.

I congratulate warmly one by one of those that will be awarded today.

Welcome, all. Thank you.

Prof. Dr. Wali M. Hamad
Koya University President
October 10th, 2018


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