KOU's meeting with The University of Pisa

A delegation from Koya University, to set an academic relation, visited The University of Pisa in Italy. On Thursday, October 23rd at 9:30 a.m. a delegation from Koya University consisted of Prof. Dr Wali Mahmod, the President of the university and D. Hawker Bapir, Public Relations Officer, visited the Iraqi Embassy in the Italian Capital City Rome. They welcomed by D. Ahmed Bamarny, the Iraqi ambassador. After a short meeting, the president of Koya University talked about the steps of creating academic relations with European Universities, especially with The University of Pisa in Italy. It is decided to sign a memorandum of understanding between them on October 24th 2018.

The ambassador A. Bamarny was very cooperative with Koya University and was willing to make any facilities with the good Italian Universities.

In the same visit, the importance of stepping to the Bologna System, which is processed for years in this country, and developing relations with Italian Universities was tackled. After a useful argument with the ambassador, they let the delegation go.

University of Pisa in Charges’ Meeting 

On Wednesday, October 24th 2018 at 9:30 a.m. Koya University delegation paid a visit to the University of Pisa in the city of Pisa / Italy. Each of Dr.Paolo Mancarella the University of Pisa President, Dr. Francisco Marcellone , Vice president for International Affairs, and Dr. Francesca Bianchini, from International Mobility Unit, welcomed the delegation.

Prof. Dr. Paolo valued the memorandum of understanding and the next steps of bilateral action and both presidents exchanged the logos’. With the presence of the director of summer training projects, the second part of the meetings was dedicated for presentations to introduce the Universities by both Dr. Francisco Marcellone and Dr. Hawkar B. Bakir.

The University of Pisa founded in 1343 A.D. It awarded many Nobel Prizes in Scientific Fields. The well-known physics figure Galileo Galilei had graduated from it and was one of its professors. Pisa University in charges was astonished by the Scientific Development of Koya University compared with its foundation.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation expressed their forebears and their concern regarding the outbreak of fire in the Chemical Department, the material loss of the University to professor Paolo and hoped to not happen again.

University of Pisa Supports Koya University

At the third part of the meeting, at 12:00 p.m. was devoted to the steps to Bologna System in Koya University. At this part, Miss Ann Caterina Izic, Vice Director of the followed up group of Bologna System, explained the points of Bologna System and she showed her willingness to come to our University to define the system by performing presentations and workshops. She already came back from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan for the same purpose.

Mr. Francisco attended this part of the meeting. He praised this step of Koya University. He agreed on the implementation of Bologna System in Koya University so that the memorandum points will be easier to be completed. In addition, to get more use from Erasmus Plus, which starts at the beginning of 2019.

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