KOU Opens the Liquid Soap Educational Unit

Faculty of Engineering in Koya University has opened a unit for liquid soap production, which covers the University requirement in that aspect. In Koya University /Faculty of Engineering, a liquid soap production unit was opened by the University president prof D. Wali M. Hamad, his assistants, the Dean of Engineering Faculty, the head of Engineering Departments, the teaching staff, the students and the invited guests from outside the University for opening this educational unit for liquid soap production. 

The Assistant Professor D. Mohammed H. S. Zangana the dean of Engineering Faculty said ”the idea of opening this unit was originated from the fourth stage graduation research project of Chemical Engineering then it broadened to open this educational unit. We succeeded in produce liquid soap the entire devices and the products from the beginning until now were made by the Engineers of our Faculty”. 

He added, “As a start, we will cover the necessity inside the University. From now and forward, the University will not buy this product from outside and we will afford it to them”. Concerning its quality, he said,” our product was tested by the Ministry of Health, the Quality Assurance and the result was very good and healthy “. 

Mr Ribwar K. Abdulrahman the head of Chemical Engineering Department said” the Chemical Engineering Department is the first opened Department in Kurdistan and many of our Engineers are working in the market in companies and in oil refineries of Kurdistan. This unit is another development of our department and we consider it an important step. This product which made by an experienced team has a very good quality. We have tested and compared it with the market productions. The result was better and healthier than they are. 

Mr Fakhri H. Ibraheem the supervisor of the unit and expertise in that field said” the today’s product is healthier than the market products because they have a smell and they do not suds well or they smell and suds well but do not remove the hands dirty well. But our product is very healthy and better and it contains all the scientific and healthy materials for perfume, suds, dirty and virus remover.” 

He added” we are working in the Engineering Department to produce a natural bar Soap in future in good quality and healthy condition. Also, we work on creating some other projects in the future”. 

Mr Kawa Mamand, who was an outsider guest of the University and was present in opening this unit. He tested the product by using it for washing his hands. He said “It is an honour for Koya University to have this product, it is an important step and the liquid soap that I have used, it smelled good and it seems that has a good quality. “ 

Prepared by: Bandy Luqman 
Photographer: Dlshad Kaka Rash


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