HWPL Peace Education for University Students

The Department of English in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) in cooperation with the international relations Directorate of the university and HWPL institution are running a program (Peace Education).

HWPL peace Education places great emphasis on transforming all kinds of violent cultures caused by conflicts into a culture of peace. A culture of peace means a life in which the human rights of mankind are enhanced, beyond the bare minimum, to a state in which war does not take place. To make a culture of peace for our next generation, HWPL is progressing peace education for students. Although current peace education is only about campaign activities and asserting individual human rights freedom and right, HWPL peace education aim to create a person’s character growing right. The goal is for the students to learn the values of peace and become the citizens of peace.

A number of teachers and students are involved in this program.

The program is scheduled to start from Dec,9, 2018 till present and It may continue till the end of this academic year.

The Purpose of Peace Education

1. Creating citizens of peace with the spirit and values of peace

2. Cultivating citizens of peace who recognize, acknowledge, and creatively accept diversity

The following roles are established :




Mss Autumn

HWPL peace education manager

- Training HWPL Peace Education Teachers in each country

- Share the material of peace education class

- Share HWPL global Peace education and networking

Dr. Hawkar Bapir


- Peace education administrative supervisor

- Bridge between HWPL and teachers

Lect. Arazoo Rashid Othman

Teacher of Professor

- Study the peace education teaching materials and communicate with HWPL

- Progress peace education

-Training the other teachers to be able to train the teachers as well as the students.

Rezheen Shareef


- Help to progress peace education

- Take photo of class and share the result of class


The tasks performed:

Before class

- Understand the main point of the peace education lesson plan

- Modify Lesson plan to apply the educational environment of your country and share each edited version with HWPL

During class

- Take a photo of progressing class and students face

- Receive realization of teacher and student

After class

- After progress peace education class, share the result with HWPL

(We can decide the way of result such as report file, message and video call)

- Share each things to improve and make request to HWPL

HWPL Peace Education Program is:

  • Organized by English Department/ Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, International Relations Directorate in cooperation with HWPL institute.

  • Started from Dec. 9th, 2018-till present

  • 12:30 – 2:00 every Monday   


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