Workshop on Earthquake Construction Engineering

On Wednesday 6 March 2019, the department of civil engineering in the Faculty of Engineering of our University held an international workshop sharing with the University of Lisbon of Portuguese and University of Azady Islamic of Iran. The president of Koya University Prof. Dr Wali M. Hamad delivered a speech on this occasion:

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Good Morning. Welcome to Koya University. Today, I am glad that we all discuss issues in this workshop with the guests, friends, and teaching staff of our University.

On behalf of the University Council, and me we welcome both Dr Leonardo from the University of Lisbon and Dr. Arshy Sayary from the University of Azady.

I hope that the discussion of the topics will go according to the FENG’s plan and it will be fruitful for the two guests and our two participants (Dr Fars and Dr Hawkar).

According to my knowledge, earthquakes are a natural phenomenon and it is out of man’s hand. However, it is significant to know why they happen? And how? Then what should we do for protection? In addition, it is very essential to know their degrees before they happen.

I would like to focus on the protection side from its negative effects in this workshop because it is crucial.

It is important for human beings in this nature to have complete information about any event that happens, otherwise, it leads to catastrophes. Here, if it is possible, it is good to investigate to what extent human has interference (or causes) for this phenomenon. Recently, before the earthquakes happen in Iran, some channels, local and international institutions said that some experiments and governmental actions were the causes for them. It is important that scientists and professionals talk about it negatively or positively. In the end, I welcome you warmly and I wish the success that predicts to this workshop.

I thank the one who initiated the idea, the presenters, organizers and their assistants. I am sorry. I cannot name them all.

I wish success to all of you.


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