Sports is a healthy lifestyle

On 3-4 February 2019, an international workshop entitled “Sports is a healthy lifestyle” ran in the school of Physical Education. The workshop was a joint one with the Research and Training Academia in Britain and Perugia University in Italy. It lasted for (2) days. The first day went in the presidency hall, while the second day in the physical education school. The University president, the teaching staff, students, and a number of local and international guests attended it,  including international experts from Italy and Britain Universities.

On the first day of the workshop, the president of Koya University, Prof .Dr. Wali M. Hamad delivered the following speech:

In the name of God the merciful, the passionate

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Both professors, Wisam Alshekhly and Paula Unchilotti

Instructors of Physical Education School,

Koya University Guests,

Today, the presidency of Koya University and the School of Physical Education passes an important and a historical day by running  a joint  international workshop entitled “Sports is a healthy lifestyle” with the Research and Training Academia in Britain and Perugia University in Italy.

Today’s work is among other priory duties, which is educating society. In addition, nowadays human beings in the era of technology, changing in lifestyle, movement and food doing sport is crucial also many diseases came toward us because of the lake of sport. Moreover, the importance of this workshop is participating of two well-known Professors in the field of sport and sports medicine from two important voluntary institutions.

Meanwhile, our University continues on its main mission. It develops a number of professional staff for society yearly. We have a mini football stadium, which is open for youths inside and outside the University. Many courses run for students and staffs. 

From the last year, we opened a closed pole in physical school for insiders and outsiders. We are about to open a fitness and physical therapy.

The school of physical education has many professors and assistant professors compared to other departments of Koya University. It has the best staff and very skilful professors. We have a plan to invest those abilities scientifically. We should get benefit from them in international and local competitions, so I encourage the school staff to do researches and to do scientific activities at the region and Iraq levels so as the ranking of the university stands in competitions.

I hope a fruitful time and success for the workshop and both professors Wisam Alshekhly and Paula.

Finally, I thank the workshop the committee, the assistants, the head of the school, media team, the Quality Assurance and everyone who helped in arranging this workshop.

Prof. Dr. Saeed S. Hammadamin the chairman of the workshop committee says” in this workshop, two lecturers came from Italy and Britain and the workshop hold five hubs. In addition, this work is a preparation to arrange an international conference in the future.”

Concerning the conference, he said,” these lecturers and several experts will participate with more topics.” About the current workshop, he added that on the first day, the discussion topic was about the technology of sport and the second day was about the philosophy of scientific research andthe culture of sport to an athlete and non-athlete.

Dr. Paula, who is an Italian physician as well as her spouse, said that she is a first aid expert, and she was working at Fallujah University with her spouse.  

She added “ I am very delighted with my visit to Koya Universty especially it is in a mountainous place and far from large cities.

Dr. Paula is also an expert in natural environment training said” I am happy that you pay attention to physical training for a better lifestyle. Your staff from the president to the students is very good, respectable, and successful. It is my first visit to the Kurdistan region. I went to Syria, Jordan, and Iran and worked there. I was never to a Kurdish area that is why I am very happy to be here”

Dr. Hoshyar A. Muhammed, a lecturer in Physical Education School in Sulaymaniyah University, one of the workshop guests said” I am very comfortable here that all teaching staff and students got benefit to do their researches better in sports medicine”  

He added” I hope these activities would continue because each seminar and workshop has its own benefit”

Mr. Hawkar R. Pirot, third stage student in Physical education School said” We hope that Koya University will continue to support these activities and they are very necessary ones for us. The topics were very useful the seminars of Dr. Paula and Dr. Wisam were  very good also the translation, especially for the fourth year stage for doing researches and for their own healthy life”


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