A Scientific Cooperation between KOU and Aberystwyth University to Coordinate an International Ph.D. Project

Aberystwyth UniversityOne of the fruitful outcomes of the cooperation between Koya University and Aberystwyth University, Wales, is Dr. Sarbast Mohammad Salih Nabi starts to coordinate a scientific project of two Canadian PhD. Candidates. Dr. Nabi is a senior lecturer and an assistant Prof. at the Malai Gawra Center, Koya University. The Ph.D. candidates are Mr. Haval Ahmed, a researcher in the Department of International Politics at  Aberystwyth University, Wales, and Ms. Emma MacTavish, a researcher in the Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham.


About Dr. Sarbast Mohammad Salih Nabi
Sarbast Mohammad Salih NAbiDr. Nabi is an assistant Professor in the History of Modern Philosophy, teaching in the Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences (FHSS) at Koya University in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He is a Senior Researcher at the Malai Gawra Center, Koya Universiy.

  1. B.A. (with Distinction) in Philosophy from Damascus University, 1994.
  2. Assistant Lecturer at Tishreen University, 1996/1997. 
  3. High Diploma (with Distinction) in Philosophy from Damascus University, 1996. 
  4. M.A.(with Distinction) in Philosophy, 2001. Dissertation title (Karl Marx and the Left Hegelians: The criticism of Religion), supervised by Profs. Hamid Khalil & Tayyib Tizinni.
  5. Ph.D (with Distinction) in Philosophy، 2006. Thesis title (The Concept of Civil Society in Modern Philosophy), supervised by: Profs. Dr. Ahmad Berqawi & Sadiq Jalal Al- Azzem.
  6. Instructor of (Aesthetics) at the High Institute for Theatrical Art, 2003/2004, Damascus.
  7. Instructor of (The History of Modern Philosophy) at Tishreen University for many years.
  8. Due to his political views, the Syrian authorities have issued a political decision against him to be banned from all Syrian public and private Universities, 2007.
  9. Forced to move to Iraqi Kurdistan and worked there as a lecturer at many universities, 2010 until now.
  10. Lecturer of (Pontifical Faculty of Theology and Philosophy) in Mosul / Iraq, 2011.
  11. Lecturer of (philosophy of science) for post-graduate students at Zakhu University, Iraqi Kurdistan.
  12. Lecturer of (philosophy of science, Kurdology Department) for post- graduate students at the University of Mardin Artuklo/ Turkey, 2012/2013/2014/2015.He has supervised on the preparation of department Terminology.
  13. He Worked as a lecturer in the (Department of Philosophy, University of Salahaddin، Erbil) since 2010 and until 2016
  14. Now he works as Lecturer of (philosophy of science) for post- graduate students at Koya University، Erbil، Kurdistan.
  15. Member of the advisory scientific committee of (Contemporary Issues) journal, which is published by the Scientific Arab Center for researches and human studies, Morocco-Rabat
  16. Member of the managers committee of Iraqi Institute for studies in Beirut and its representative in Iraqi Kurdistan Region.
  17. Lecturer of (the History of Islamic Philosophy).
  18. Lecturer of (Contemporary and Modern Arabic Thought).
  19. Works now as a Consultative Expert with ESCWA organization (specialized in ethnic and religious minorities’ dossier).
  20. Languages: Arabic، English and all Kurdish dialects.


About the Ph.D. Candidates

Emma MacTavish
Emma MacTavish is a PhD candidate and researcher with the University of Birmingham in Birmingham, England with the Department of Political Science and International Studies, School of Government & Society. Born and raised in Dawson Creek, Canada, Emma has focused her studies and research on sexual gender-based violence, gender studies, human security, women in the Middle East, and conflict studies. In July 2019, Emma spoke at the Women’s Leadership Symposium in Oxford, United Kingdom in her research titled “Barriers of reporting sexual gender-based violence in Syrian refugee camps.” This research has been accepted in an academic journal and is awaiting publication. Prior to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, Emma was also invited to speak at the International Studies Association in March 2020, on joint paper regarding human rights issues and the repatriation of foreign women from camps in Kurdistan. Emma currently holds a diploma in Criminology from Northern Lights College in Dawson Creek, Canada. She also completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Justice Studies and a Master of Arts degree in Human Security and Peace Building, both of which were attained through Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada. Emma is an academic member of the International Studies Association, the International Political Science Association, and the Canadian Political Science Association and is currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Her recent field of study is gender and stability

Emma MacTavish


Haval Ahmad 
Haval Ahmad is a Canadian PhD Candidate and researcher in the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University in Wales. His current research looks into the radicalization of children and youth and aims to create a framework for youth rehabilitation and de-radicalization in the post-ISIS era. Through a mixed methods approach, Haval is investigating the factors contributing to successful de-radicalization from extremist groups and to ensure an end to the cycle of violence and trauma among radicalized children and youth. Haval is a Research Affiliate with the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society (TSAS). He is also an academic member of the International Political Science Association (IPSA), International Studies Association (ISA), the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA), and the American Political Science Association (APSA). In his latest research projects, Haval has two published research in the Journal of Deradicalization on the topics of youth radicalization in the fall of 2017 and 2018. He has also presented these findings in international conferences in Cape Town, South Africa, and Athens, Greece. He was invited to present two other research findings at the International Studies Association (ISA) Conference in Hawaii in March 2020, Annual International Conference on Politics and International Studies in Athens, Greece in June 2020, and at the International Political Science Association (IPSA) in Lisbon in July 2020. Due to COVID-19, these events were cancelled or rescheduled to 2021. Haval frequently appeared on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) News and other Canadian news outlets to provide analysis and commentary on the refugee crisis and the role of Canadian schools in integrating refugee students. Haval holds a diploma in Child and Youth Care Counselling from Douglas College, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Justice Studies through Royal Roads University, and a Master of Arts Degree in Human Security and Peacebuilding through Royal Roads University. In addition, Haval also has extensive training in crisis intervention and applies this knowledge to research conducted.

Haval Ahmed


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