Trained at Koya University, New Graduates from the Entrepreneurship Development Program

Wali H. Hamad; President of Koya UniversitySixty unemployed Host Community, Syrian Refugees and IDP (age: 18-35) in Koya District have been trained at Koya University and graduated from the Entrepreneurship Development Program. Headway is a UNDP/UN-Habitat joint action programme, intervening in countries affected by the impact of the Syria crisis (Lebanon and Iraq) and funded by the “EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the EU MADAD Fund”. Rwanga Foundation in consortium with Erbil Governorate will implement it under the umbrella of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The main goal is to improve the resilience of the host and refugee population in targeted communities impacted by the Syrian crisis, through strengthened local/regional multi-level governance systems, and improved access to basic services, affordable housing, and income, while complementing existing initiatives and supporting national governments to address those risks and vulnerabilities, where a UN joint partnership brings a strong added value.

The programme activities support basic services, livelihoods, and income generation in targeted communities, including the implementation of this project: Entrepreneurship Development Programme, supporting youth and women, which will be implemented by Rwanga Foundation in consortium with Career Development Directorate (CDD) at Koya University.

The project targeted 60 unemployed Host Community, Syrian Refugees, and IDP (Age: 18-35) in Koya District. It comprises of five stages. The first three stages are implemented successfully. The programme covers the cost of transportation, refreshment, training, and dedication of $2000 for 20 start-ups. Priority is given to the youth, women with sustainable business ideas while public sector employees and university/technical institute students are ineligible to apply to the project.

On 11th Jan 2021, and after the conductance of EDP trainings, a graduation event at the Main Hall of Koya University presidency is being conducted. The programme of the event contained many activities and below is a short description of the performed activities:

Activity No. 1 (10:00-10:15): Speech of PROF. DR. WALI M. HAMAD, Koya University President
Activity No. 2 (10:30-10:45): Speech of MR. V.-G. POUPEAU, Head of Office, EU Liaison Office Erbil, Delegation Iraq
Activity No. 3 (10:45-11:00): Speech of MR. SALAM MOHAMMED ISLAM, Chief Executive Director, Rwanga Foundation
Activity No. 4 (11:00-11:45): Distribution of Accomplishment/ Participation Certificates on the Management Team Members, and on the EDP trainees by Koya University President, Head of Office, EU Liaison Office Erbil, Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation

List of the People to be honored by the University President, PROF. DR. WALI M. HAMAD:


  1. MR. V. G. POUPEAU, Head of Office, EU Liaison Office Erbil, Delegation Iraq
  2. MR. SALAM MOHAMMED ISLAM, Chief Executive Director, Rwanga Foundation




List of the People to be honored by our distinguished guest MR. V. G. POUPEAU, Head of Office, EU Liaison Office Erbil, Delegation Iraq:

  1. Shaymaa Nawzad Bakr
  2. Hawar Wshiar Zahir
  3. Shara Halmat Ali
  4. Ala Ismael Azeez
  5. Awen Jamal Mustafa
  6. Sumaya Fakhir Hamadameen
  7. Lavan Ameer Radha
  8. Shadi Halmat Ali
  9. Rezan Akram Nuri
  10. Nareen Ahmed Tajdeen
  11. Sleman Abdulqadr Ahmad
  12. Awa Abdulkhaleq Hawez
  13. Hawar Jubraeel Salh Maruf
  14. Tara Fouad Ahmed
  15. Nawroz Mawlood Hamad
  16. Soz Abdulwahid Hamad Salih
  17. Rasti Amer Bakr
  18. Balla Ako Razaq
  19. Shiraz Omar Salh
  20. Shawin Kamaran Muhammad Amin

List of the People to be honored by our distinguished guest MR. SALAM MOHAMMED ISLAM, Chief Executive Director, Rwanga Foundation:

  1. Skala Ali Hussein
  2. Shaida Dlawar Sadraldin
  3. Ala Dana Ehsan
  4. Jehan Suleman Msto
  5. Kurdistan Sami Qadir
  6. Halwest Nadr Hawez
  7. Sara Mohsin Hasan
  8. Mohammed Dlawar Sadraldin
  9. Asrin Fayaq Kanani
  10. Rezhna Abdulla Namq
  11. Karez Wshyar Samad
  12. Khalil Arf Aljamu
  13. Awara Jaafar Hamad Ameen
  14. Shokhan Fryad Rasool
  15. Hozhan Ismael Mohammed
  16. Tara Khalid Khidr
  17. Roshna Abdulmajid Rasool
  18. Rashid Amin Ali
  19. Hasna Muhammad
  20. Havan Himdad Hameed

List of the People to be honored by ASST. PROF. DR. HAIDAR LASHKRY and ASST. PROF. DR. ROSTAM SALAM, Vice Presidents of Koya University

  1. Rawsht Mohammed Maghdid
  2. Belan Abdulbast Shareef
  3. Abdulmanaf Ibrahim Ali
  4. Revin Hamad Tahir Ali
  5. Renas Ismael Fatah
  6. Shaka Dlawar Sadraddin
  7. Sonia Dlawar Hamad Ameen
  8. Hawar Majeed Hamed
  9. Rezhna Akram Nure
  10. Nahla Y. Saeil
  11. Lana Sarbaz Taher
  12. Awin Mohammed Jamal
  13. Rayan Saleh Ahmed
  14. Marwan Karim Muhammad
  15. Sara Rasool Hamad Ameen
  16. Zhina Musheer Ridha
  17. Shady Saida Bahadeen
  18. Ranjdar Salam Najim
  19. Hawzheen Kamaran Awmar
  20. Bekhal Ismael Ameen


Activity No. 5 (11:45-11:55): Speech of MR. SLEMAN ABDULQADR AHMAD from IDP/Syrian Refugees Community
Activity No. 6 (11:55- 12:05): Speech of MS. LAVAN AMEER RADHA from Host Community
Activity No. 7 (12:05-12:15): A Group Photo and End of the Event

Wali Hamad; Koya University; UNDP/UN-HabitatUNDP/UN-HabitatUNDP/UN-HabitatUNDP/UN-HabitatUNDP/UN-HabitatUNDP/UN-Habitat



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