A KOU National Workshop Announced and Published by RaAM

The Association for Researching and Applying Metaphor (RaAM), a Uk-based academic association, in their biannual newsletter publishes a piece of news about a workshop held on 22nd April, 2021 by The English Department, Faculty of Education. RaAM is an international association, each two years they arrange a conference in a different country which hosts prominent figures in the fields of stylistics, discourse analysis and metaphor studies.

The English Department's workshop was dedicated to presenting the findings of two research groups supervised by Dr. Ahmad Abulaziz and Mr. Daban Q. Jaff.  Moreover, the findings of the research group will be presented in two international conferences at PALA2021 at Nottingham University(on 9th of July) and RaAM2021 at Vilnius University in Lithuania(on 25th of June).

You can find the details here:


The details of the workshop:
First Session: The Representation Of Trauma In The Holocaust Literature: A thematic approach
Host: Bekhall Pishraw Ahmad

Panel Speakers and Titles
1. Rayan Aram Hidait: Identity Crisis in Hal Lieberman's Throne of Straw
2. Akar Azad Fatholla: The Holocaust from Kurdish Perspectives

Second Session: Representation of Trauma Stress in 9/11 Literature: A Cognitive Approach
Host: Gyaband Shera Sabr

Panel Speakers and Titles
1. Ahmad Nawzad Atoof: Conceptual Metaphor Theory application on Trauma discourses
2. Nzar Omer Hammadamin: Metaphors of Trauma in Eric Walters’ We All Fall Down: a cognitive approach


RaAM; Koya University


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