Teaching Quality Assurance (TQA) at Koya University was established in 2010 following a new region wide strategy to ensure quality in public higher education institutes. This is monitored by a ministerial Quality Assurance committee to regulate and standardise the ways to promote academic quality as a means to academic achievements which are in line of the vision of the universities.

In 2012 Koya University set a new roadmap to enable a wide electronic wise university which could promote it academic community and secure a global presence. The Quality Assurance Directorate also started a promising newly-engineered sustainable paperless online system (SPOS) to assure quality teaching practices at Koya University. For the second year of applying the new SPOS, a secure, efficient and transparent process was achieved.

For more information, you can visit the TQA websitehttps://dqa.koyauniversity.org


QAKoya University put the Quality Assurance (QA) of all academics engagement as the top priority, the Kurdistan Region will need to develop and achieve higher standards in the fields of science, technology and management. Investing in people and raising the human capacities of professional cadres has been one of the top priorities of the successive governments of Kurdistan. There is no doubt that our universities and institutes of higher education will play a vital role in this task. The staff members of Koya University are required to show a good understanding of MHE's Q.A. polices before engagement. So we hope that all of you can benefit from this web site.


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