Malay Gewre Research Center Participated in a Joint Forum with the Iraqi Center for Documenting Extremist Crimes in Karbala

On Monday (March 28, 2022), the Iraqi Center for Documentation of Extremist Crimes in cooperation with the Malay Gewre Research Center at Koya University, held the first specialized forum entitled (Documenting Extremist Crimes in Iraq: Its Methods, Mechanisms, and Challenges) with the participation of many religious figures and academy. Prof. Dr. Hoshyar Zaki Hassan, the Director of Malay Gewre Research Center, gave the speech to the preparatory committee for the forum, after which the research sessions were opened. 

In the first discussion session of the forum, Koya University had a research paper by Asst. Prof. Dr. Rostam Salam Aziz, V.P. for Administrative and Financial Affairs, entitled "Genocide in the Koysinjaq plains - a documentary study." After that, the Asst. Lect. Muhammed Karim Saedgul Al-Barzinji, a member of the Malay Gewre Research Center, Executive Editor at KUJHSS chaired the second discussion session. Prof. Dr. Hemin Aziz Braim, Head of the Department of Religious Education at the Faculty of Education, and Dr. Zana Abdulrahman Ismail from Malay Gewre Research Center were part of the Koya University delegation participating in the forum. It is noteworthy that the forum aims to exchange experiences and unify and combine efforts to document the crimes of extremism that the people of Iraq have been subjected to, adopt scientific approaches to document extremism crimes, follow the correct mechanisms, learn about the most important challenges facing documentation processes and suggest ways to overcome them.

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