Dr. Amanj Saied from MHE met with HCDPs

At the request of HCDP candidates and in cooperation with the Assistant of Koya University President for Scientific and Higher Education Affairs, on 19-2-2012 at 10 am, Dr. Amanj Saied from Ministry of Higher Education visited presidency of Koya University where he met with HCDP candidates to know their problems and difficulties.

In the meeting Dr. Amanj closely listened to the candidates demands and answered their questions; in this respect, he could solve most of their problems and difficulties regarding the preparations for their studies abroad. Furthermore, his Excellency shed light on the following points:

  1. Till now HCDP has 4525 successful candidates in which 1700 of them have gone abroad.
  2. The HCDP will continue since our country needs it to learn professional programs.
  3. The HCDP includes three points; transparency, social equality and creating equal opportunity for all.
  4. The HCDP has brought with it cultural changes like fading loyalty to political parties, and moving forward to science and learning. 
  5. applicants must score at least 4 in IELTS or its equivalent
    • 4 in IELTS is counted as 20 points
    • Changing the list of universities the ministry was suggested to the candidates.
    • The 4th round of HCDP is comprised of three major instructions
  6. The Ministry has signed contracts with three international organizations like American Amidst, French Conus and Germanic Daad to send HCDP candidates to these countries.
At the end, the candidates expressed their delight and hoped that these kinds of meetings continue in the future. 


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