Koya University visited Bilkent University

Upon a formal invitation from Bilkent University, on 23/10/2011 a delegation from Koya University visited Bilkent University in Turkey. The delegation comprised of President of Koya University Prof Dr. Khidir Hawrami, Dean of Faculty of Engineering Prof Dr. Fuad Khoshnaw, Dean of Faculty of Science and Health Assistance Prof Shwan Ahmed Rashed, and Head of Turkish Department Dr. Sarkawt Mustafa Aziz.

According to a planed program the delegation of Koya University started its activities during the visit. The delegation met with the President of Bilkent University and the President of Koya University offered him a symbolic present. After visiting the departments of Bilkent University by the delegation, both Universities agreed upon mutual scientific and academic relations and further cooperation.

The Bilkent University expressed its readiness to admit HCDP students to study MA and PhD at their University and encouraging Instructors to supervise MA and PhD students from Koya University with Instructors of Koya University. Also, they discussed the arrangement of short visits for top students of departments of Koya University to visit Bilkent University. 


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