Seven KRG Universities Sign a Memorandum of Understanding at Koya University

On 6 February 2023, under the auspices and in the presence of Dr. Aram Mohammed Qadir, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHE), seven KRG Kurdistan universities, Koya University, Soran University, University of GarmianUniversity of Zakho, University of Halabja, University of  Raparin and  Charmo University, signed  a memorandum of understanding at a special ceremony that was held at Koya University. Also the attendance were the MHE Deputy Minister and the presidents of all the seven universities.

During the ceremony, the presidents of all the universities reiterate their commitment to implement the terms of multilateral memorandum of understanding and hold regular meetings to follow up on the implementation progress.

In a statement, Koya University President Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Haseeb Sedeeq Zangana expressed his gratitude to the presidents of other universities, MHE Minister and Deputy Minister, and their follow delegations for their presence and for making the agreement possible.

Following the signing of the agreement, Dr. Aram Mohammed Qadir the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHE) told journalists that the initiative would help each university to better maintain and develop their academic identity. He added that signing the memorandum was a crucial step toward strengthening the relation between academic institutions from different regions of Kurdistan including the northernmost region Zakho and southernmost region Khanaqin. He also stated that:

   The initiative by these seven universities will serve as an important framework for coordination in the areas of cooperative scientific projects such as conference, postgraduate programs, student and teachers exchange, cooperative cultural, art and physical activities, and partnerships for obtaining international grants.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is consisted of five main articles which include MOU’s main objectives, the implementation procedures, and duration. The primary objectives of MOU are the following:

  • Holding collaborative scientific events such as conferences, meetings, training sessions
  • Collaborating to offer joint postgraduate programs including joint higher diploma, master's, and doctoral programs.
  • Facilitating collaborative scientific research and developing an inter-university laboratory system
  • Exchanging students and academic staff based on agreements approved by the parties involved.
  • Working together to hold joint art, cultural, and sports events
  • Collaborating to secure local international grants.

It is worth mentioning that the MoU between the seven KRG universities is valid for five years and can be extended with written approval of the parties.

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