Advanced GIS Lab Opened at Koya University

In the presence of the President and Vice-presidents of Koya University, the laboratory was formally opened on Thursday, Jan. 5th, 2017. This lab is highly specialized in cartography and GIS in the department of Geography from Faculty of Education

The international conference of "Massoud Muhammad"

Massoud MuhammadKoya University will hold a conference on 15th Anniversary of the Death of Massoud Muhammad, Kurdish Author, Intellectual and Philosopher on April 1st and 2nd 2017. In the conference his works and perspectives will be discussed and analyzed academically.

conference aims 

Massoud Muhammad (1919- 1st March, 2002), was a scholar, author and Intellectual with entirely unprecedented works, having a special philosophical view and vision which reflected in his entire writings; he was also a linguist and a sociolinguist, in addition of being a literary critic. He used to have writings and views on several other aspects with special ways of analysis. 

Webometrics Ranked Koya University as the Top KRG University

Webometrics is ranking the World universities according their presence on the Web. In the new announced ranking of the world universities by Webometrics on July 31st 2016 Koya University has been ranked as the top university in Kurdistan Region. This great achievement comes after years of dedicating academic community that embraced a pioneering strategic planning of a student centred e-Smart university. This has led to a better valued academic visibility with a global perspective in mind. The road map has been layout in a 10 years strategic planning starting early 2012 and the results are revealing greater success in the horizon.  

Koya University is Granted $50,000 IREX education program

A Locally Presented International non-profit English Language Center at Koya University; Spring International Language Center (SILC) at the University of Arkansas and Koya University in Koysinjaq, Kurdistan Region, Iraq are teaming up to create an English Language Center at Koya University designed to provide quality English language instruction for students, academics, and members of the community in the region. With the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kurdish region of Iraq raising the standards for English language proficiency for graduates and incoming students, the need for English language instruction is growing regionally.

Attending the SAH International Conference-USA

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sahar Basil Al-Qaisi, lecturer of Architectural Engineering Department-Faculty of Engineering, participated and presented a seminar in an International Conference held by SAH (Society of Architectural Historians) in USA as the representative of Koya University and Iraq. In addition to being a member of this organization, she is also the ambassador of this organization in her country.

First Int. Conference on Haji Qadri Koyi Convened

On 22-23 May. 2016, at the Hall of the Koya University Presidency, the First International Conference on Haji Qadri Koyi was convened. In the conference, 27 research papers about Haji Qadiri Koyi and his poetry and work were presented. 

Researchers at FENG have been awarded IREX $50,000 grant

A research team from the Faculty of Engineering (FENG), Koya University leading by Dr. Mohammed Zangana the dean of the faculty has been awarded a grant of 50,000 USD by International research and exchange board known as IREX for their project titled as " “Pre-treatment and Disposal of Expired Molecular Sieves: Petroleum Industry in Iraq as Case Study”. This is a joint project between Koya university and Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA.

The SPE Student Chapter Established at the Faculty of Engineering

The Department of Petroleum Engineering (DPTE) at the faculty of engineering, Koya university established the SPE student chapter. The student SPE chapter society will contribute in promoting the students experience through extending and introducing them to the world of petroleum engineering. This could be achieved by holding lectures, organizing social events, favouring contacts with Oil & Gas companies all over the world, enhancing collaboration with the wider SPE, and most of all, by doing the international field trip to hands-on experience in the oil industry. 

Koya and Loughborough Universities collaborating on joint research work

A team of researchers at the Department of Software Engineering DSWE in Koya University (Dr. Salah I. Yahya and Dr. Yazen A. Khaleel) in collaboration with a researcher from the School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering, Loughborough University, UK (Dr. Will G. Whittow) have achieved a unique research about the numerical dosimetry of CDMA/GSM, DCS/PCS and 3G signal jammers. 

The International Conference of SU-ICEIT 2016

Koya University scholars are taking part in the first International Conference on Engineering and Innovative Technology (SU-ICEIT 2016) with original and high quality research papers. The conference is hosted by the College of Engineering of Salahaddin University on 12-14 April 2016.


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