The International Conference of SU-ICEIT 2016

Koya University scholars are taking part in the first International Conference on Engineering and Innovative Technology (SU-ICEIT 2016) with original and high quality research papers. The conference is hosted by the College of Engineering of Salahaddin University on 12-14 April 2016.

Three important research papers

Mr. Ako Kakarash Omer, Dr. Payman Subhat and Mr. Ribwar Kirmanj Abdul-Rahman, who are teachers at Koya University, have participated in the conference with research papers. Concerning their project,

Mr. Omer says, "We have participated with the project, The Modification of Smart Rubber Tire Structure."Regarding the purpose of choosing this project, Mr. Omer says, "Despite the advancements in the field of manufacturing vehicles, we observe a scientific gap in the way vehicle tires are made. Therefore, we felt the need to make a new invention which involves changing the ordinary tires into smart ones, especially as nowadays the move is towards smart technology."

The abstract of the research

"In this research we made two conductive net-like layers with a polymer layer in between. This project is able to send full data from the tires to the vehicle's dashboard and thus informs the driver of any object like a nail or a screw that may cause puncture to the tires. The polymer and glass substances are used at the appropriate mechanical level but in different proportions. The research showed that the conductive substances caused puncture to the tires.

To show the effect of modified tire structure which plays important role to identify reasons behind tire damage as the system shows the conductor materials such as screw increasingly show 99% in other word, for the current work the result is summarized that can be seen the maximum identification significantly affected while the tires have been penetrated with (screw).On the other hand, the system cannot show non-conductors for example, (polymer and glass) insignificantly affected by the modification that has been done this techniques leads to supply smart improvement for tire structure. In some cases the net also could read and identify the polymer and glass due to overlap the net by the pressure and areas compressed. 

The project also draws attention to the modern inventions in manufacturing automobile tires, and it also informs us about the rate of deflation and inflation of the tires, but it doesn't tell the factors causing the problem which may be due to wear or puncture by a nail or screw. Studies show that 25-30% car accidents is due to tire deflation and explosion or tear of the tire especially during hot weather and speed or when you need to reduce the speed." this project can be applied for the polymers such rubber pipe and agricultural projects components.

The value of the conference

With regard to the value of such a conference, Mr. Omer said, "Holding such international conferences especially in the field of engineering and innovative technology is extremely important and essential for the development of our country like the other developed countries of the world. Therefore, universities and other scientific institutions need to pay more attention to holding scientific international conferences in order to be aware of the modern inventions and research."

Mr. Omer's research has been approved and is going to be presented in the conference. In this respect, Mr. Omer said, "After our research was approved by the Scientific Committee of the Conference, we were informed to be present at the conference to present it. It is noteworthy that this research has been conducted with Shivan Hakim Raza, a student at the Faculty of Engineering, Department of manufacturing Engineering, who is now a third- stage student studying at University of Do Minho, Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering- Portugal." 

Mr. Ako Kakarash Omer is Assistant-Lecturer. He is specialized in engineering and science (agricultural engineering. He has one published research. He has been a teacher for 2 years and he is graduated at University of Southern Queensland - Australia he is also a member of The Institution of Engineers Australia

The research papers to be presented in the conference!

A joint research paper by Mr. Ribwar Kermanj Abdulrahman and assistant professor Dr. Mohammed Zangana the dean of faculty of engineering at Koya University has been submitted to the conference. Regarding this project, Mr. Abdulrahman says, "We have participated in the conference with the project 'The Studying of Amine Circulation Rate Effects on Solvent Losses from Amine Sweetening Process: A Case Study and Simulation"

Referring to the content of the research, Mr. Abdulrahman says, "Natural gas can be considered the most important fossil fuel in the current era and future as well. Moreover, natural gas exists in underground reservoirs and it may contain several non-hydrocarbon components for instance, hydrogen sulphide and water vapour. In fact, these impurities cause several technical problems for example, corrosion and pollution. As a result, it should be remover or reduced from natural gas stream. The North Gas Company (N.G.C.) in Kirkuk possesses significant H2S (about 2.95%) and CO2 (about 2.54%) in their natural gas. Currently, the company utilises an amine sweetening unit with 28.55% (W/W) DEA solution at a circulation rate of about 800 m3/ hr to remove the acid gases. Indeed, the existing sweetening process achieves the current sweet gas specification of less than 4 ppm H2S. However, there are several ways to optimize the process. The amine circulation rate, amine losses to the environment, reboiler duty and corrosion rate are evaluated to find the optimum operating conditions."

"This study simulates North Gas Company’s sweetening process using ProMax, an engineering simulator well known for accurate amine sweetening predictions. The simulation work is validated by representing the DEA sweetening unit’s plant data, then, achieves process optimization by using several amines and blends. It also studies some of the critical amine process factors for each amine, such as solvent circulation rate and amine concentration. The optimization work finds that the use of DEA MDEA 40 % w/w may achieve acceptable sweetening results at a lower amine circulation rate and lower reboiler duty.", Mr. Kirmanj further adds. 

Mr. Ribwar Kermanj Abdulrahman is an assistant lecturer at Faculty of Engineering (FENG). He is specialized in natural gas. He has 31 researches and 2 published books. He has been working as a university lecturer for 10 years now. For more information click to see his TAP here. click here.


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