Attending the SAH International Conference-USA

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sahar Basil Al-Qaisi, lecturer of Architectural Engineering Department-Faculty of Engineering, participated and presented a seminar in an International Conference held by SAH (Society of Architectural Historians) in USA as the representative of Koya University and Iraq. In addition to being a member of this organization, she is also the ambassador of this organization in her country.

How she participated?

Dr. Sahar says “On July 2015, the Society of Architectural Historians in USA (SAH) had announced an international grant for the 2016 SAH-Getty International program, that was funded by the Getty Foundation, and invited professionals in History of Architecture, Heritage Conservation, and all the relevant fields of architecture, urban design and planning from countries that have traditionally been underrepresented at (SAH) conferences to attend the SAH 2016 Annual International Conference in Pasadena/Los Angeles, California, in 6-10 April 2016. SAH asked for candidates who had academic and practical achievements in those fields like published papers and projects…etc.”

“I have applied for this grant, as I have been teaching History of Architecture class for more than 8 years, and I've led a campaign to document the surviving heritage architectural features of the old city of Koya with my colleagues and students within my Architectural Design class for the 4th stage (since 2012); and recently teach the Conservation & Rehabilitation class; I also had several published papers that discuss the challenges that our Iraqi and Kurdish cultural heritage and cities are facing recently; as well as working on my book about Koya's architectural heritage. 

On November 2015, SAH had sent me an email to congratulate me of being chosen with 14 other international professionals as the awardees of the SAH-Getty International Program Grant, and that we were selected from 70 applicants from 37 countries”, she added, pointing out why she applied for the program. 

SAH had announced that officially in their newsletter and website on January 2016: Click here

The aim of the conference

The aim of the SAH-Getty International Program is to enable international academics, museum professionals and heritage conservationists and architects to participate in the conference, to help them build their international professional networks, and to diversify and internationalize SAH membership. 

The SAH-Getty International Program covers conference registration, travel expenses, hotel accommodations, and a two-year electronic SAH membership; in addition to participating in the conference proceedings. 

Meeting in Pasadena reflected the increasingly international scope of the Society and its conference, where SAH members from all over the world joined the meeting. The Pasadena conference included 34 sessions and draw architectural historians, art historians, architects, museum professionals and preservationists from around the world together to present new research on the history of the built environment.

Participating as the Representative of a Country

With regard to her participation, Dr. Sahar states “I've participated in the program as a representative of Iraq and my university (Koya University), and I have participated in the 2016 SAH Annual International Conference with a short presentation of my current research, academic activities and the challenges that face my country in the field of heritage conservation and documentation. 

I and the other 14 awardees of the grant (Click here) are considered ambassadors of the SAH in our countries, so that we can provide the necessary information for the students, academics, architects, and whoever wants to participate in SAH's activities and programs as well as of course the SAH membership from our countries; therefore, I made seminars in Iraqi universities about the SAH and their activities, and answer the questions about these issues, hoping to see more Iraqi members in the SAH and had the chance to participate with SAH activities, programs, Grants and scholarships.”

Koya University and SAH International Conference in USA

Concerning the effects of participating in this conference for Koya University, Dr. Sahar adds that “Such events will surely make a good reputation and enhance the ranking of our university (Koya University), and present it in a good way to the Professors, and professionals from prestigious American and other Global universities.”

The Society of Architectural Historians (SAH)

The Society of Architectural Historians was founded at Harvard University in 1940, and is a nonprofit membership organization that promotes the study, interpretation and conservation of architecture, design, landscapes and urbanism worldwide. 

For more information, click here.
The conference with photos, click here

Personal Information:

Name: Dr. Sahar Basil Al-Qaisi
Title: Assistant Professor
Specialization: Architecture- Urban Conservation
No. of published papers: 5 
No. of published books: have published translations for 2 books.
No. of years as a lecturer at Koya University: 8 years
Department: Department of Architectural Engineering 


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