Koya University Lecturer to be UN Adviser

Dr. Sarbast Nabi, higher education lecturer at Koya University, has been appointed by United Nations as an adviser to the affairs of Syria in ESCWA commission, which is one of the leading institutions of UN. 

Pursuant to an invitation letter he received from the committee of United Nations, Dr. S. Nabi will attend the fourth meeting of the committee. Dr. Muhammad says “Following the submission of my research paper on Identity and Multi-ethnicity in Syrian constitution to the United Nations organization, it was approved upon as a documentary research paper for the agenda of Syria in the United Nations.” 

“The core of the research paper is an investigation into the history of constitution in Syria, along with some proposals for the recent constitution of Syria; one of the proposals deals with the recognition of Kurdish nation in the constitution, preserving and considering the rights of ethnic minorities.” He further noted. 

With regard to his suggestions and research, he says “My research will be a scientific background to draft the new Syrian constitution.” 

  • Dr. Sarbast Nabi 
  • An expert in History of Modern Philosophy 
  • Lecturer of Higher Education at Koya University 
  • He has published books 
  • He was one of the founding members of Kurdology Department at Mardin University 
  • He was a lecturer at the universities of northern Kurdistan, Syria and Lebanon. 

Prepared by the Press Room

Translated by the Translation Unit


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