Koya University Professor Publishes with Springer CCIS

In the recent years the reseachers of Koya University have become more and more active in publishing with reputable International Journals which has boost the global presense of the Koya University. Now Dr. Salah I. Yahya is a Professor at the Department of Software Engineering (DSWE), Faculty of Engineering (FENG) at Koya University. In cooperation with the UTM Big Data Center - Ibnu Sina Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research (ISI-SIR), Malaysia, Prof. Yahya participated in the 5th Asian Conference on Membrane Computing, Universiti Kabangsaan, Malaysia, on 14-16 Nov. 2016, and he presented a scientific paper entitled “Image Segmentation Using Membrane Computing: A Literature Survey”. The paper has been selected and published on 08 January 2017 in Communications in Computer and Information Science - SPRINGER as a Book chapter of  “Bio-inspired Computing – Theories and Applications” which is listed in SCOPUS.

Research Summary

The content and summary of his research consists of “Membrane computing, a recent branch of natural computing, has been gaining momentum attention in the last few decades due to its massive parallelism and efficient computation. Many researchers in the field of membrane computing have proposed sophisticated techniques inspired by cell biology for computer science applications, especially when they considered cell organization in tissues, organs, and most recently, from the organization of neurons. The interdisciplinary applications of membrane computing include, but not limited to computer science, biology, biomedicine, bioinformatics and several other fields such as mathematics, artificial intelligence, automation, economics, to name but a few. Their applications are pertaining to computer graphics, approximate optimization, cryptography, parallel computing and image processing. Hence, in this paper we present an up to date comprehensive literature review pertaining to the application of membrane computing in the area of digital image analysis, especially image segmentation, comprehensively and systematically. The authors thoroughly investigate the recent advancement in the field of image segmentation using membrane system. Furthermore, the authors highlight the merits and demerits of various software tools and methods. Finally, they suggest some intuitive future directions in light of the current limitations.

This research took 3 years of hard work and participated by the followings:

Information about the scientific research:

Personal Information:

  • Prof. Salah I. Yahya
  • Major: Antenna Design, Numerical Dosimetry and Image Segmentation
  • Number of published researches: 48
  • He has been a lecturer at Koya University for 7 years.
  • Workplace: Department of Software Engineering
  • Prof. Salah’s formal page, click here.
  • ResearcherID is: A-9661-2017
  • ORCID iD: 0000-0002-2724-5118
  • Google Scholar: https://goo.gl/nQ13Be


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