Koya University Researcher Published 11 Papers in 2016

Asst. Prof. Dr. Fahmi Fariq, Koya University Instructor, Faculty of Health and Science, has published 11 research articles in 2016. The majority of the research papers have been published by Journals having high impact factor, directly related to Thomson Reuters Index. 

Concerning the selection of these research articles, Dr. fahmi said “Selecting the subjects to research is immensely dependent on their significance in Modern Technology, particularly in the field of Organic Electronics and Solar Cells.” 

Some of the practical sections of the research papers have been carried out by Dr. Fahmi in cooperation with international researchers from abroad universities. 

With regard to the research conclusions, Dr. Fahmi noted that, “The research conclusions have led to some major breakthroughs, which includes the use of special electronic organs to make Light Sensors and increase the ability of transforming solar energy into electricity via organic solar cells.” 

“Six of the research papers have been published by Thomson Reuters Index, Journal Impact Factor, and the rest through international journals having Index and DIO.” He further added. 

Related Researchs 

  1. F.F. Muhammad, Mohd Y. Yahya, Khaulah Sulaiman, Improving the performance of solution-processed organic solar cells by incorporating small molecule acceptors into a ternary bulk heterojunction based on DH6T:Mq3:PCBM (M= Ga, Al), Materials Chemistry and Physics, 188(2017)86-94 [Link]
  2. Lih Wei Lim, Fakhra Aziz, F.F. Muhammad, Azzuliani Supangat, Khaulah Sulaiman, Electrical properties of Al/PTB7-Th/n-Si metal-polymer-semiconductor Schottky barrier diode, Synthetic Metals, 221(2016)169-175 [Link]. 
  3. Rebar T. Abdulwahid, Omed Gh. Abdullah, Shujahadeen B. Aziz, Sarkawt A. Hussein, F.F. Muhammad, and Mohd Y. Yahya, 

    The study of structural and optical properties of PVA:PbO2 based solid polymer nanocomposites, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 27(11) (2016) 12112-12118 [Link].

  4. Lih Wei Lim, Chin-Hoong Teh, Rusli Daik, Norazilawati Muhamad Sarih, Mohd Asri Mat Teridi, F.F. Muhammad, Khaulah Sulaiman, Synthesis and characterization of 2, 2’-bithiophene end-capped dihexyloxy phenylene pentamer and its application in solution-processed organic ultraviolet photodetector, RSC Advances, 6(2016)61848-61859 [Link].

  5. F.F. Muhammad, Mohd Yazid Yahya, Kamal Aziz Ketuly, Abdulkader Jaleel Muhammad, Khaulah Sulaiman, A study on the spectroscopic, energy band, and optoelectronic properties of α, ω-dihexylsexithiophene/tris (8-hydroxyquinolinate) gallium blends; DH6T/Gaq3 composite system, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 169(2016)144-151 [Link]. 

  6. F.F. Muhammad, Impedance spectroscopy analysis of DH6T:PCBM bulk heterojunction incorporating Gaq3: experiment and model, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 27(1)(2016) 637-644 [Link].

  7. Haval M. Abdulla, F.F. Muhammad, M.G. Faraj, The impact of sunlight intensity and outdoor temperature on the performance of inorganic solar panels, International Letters of Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy 67 (2016) 58-64 [Link]. 

  8. F.F. Muhammad, Solar Cells Based on Nanostructured Organic/Polymeric Materials, Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy 5(1) (2016) Editorial [Link].

  9. N. A. Qadr, S. W. Muhammad, F. F. Muhammad, Performance Analysis of a Mini-Thermoelectric Engine for the Generation of Electricity, International Journal of Engineering and Technologies, 6 (2016) 20-29 [Link]

  10. Dashty A. Babakr, Hamad H. Bayiz, Hawkar M. Qadr and F.F. Muhammad, Investigation of Photo-Absorption and Current-Voltage Properties of Liquid Extracts from Fruits for Organic Solar Cells Application,  Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy 5(1) (2016) 11-17 [Link]. 

  11. F.F. Muhammad, Abdulkader Jaleel Muhammad and Khaulah Sulaiman, Optical Response and Photovoltaic Performance of Organic Solar Cells Based on DH6T:Alq3 Active Layer, Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy 5(1) (2016) 3-10 [Link].


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