Dr Joanna Bocheńska visited Koya University

Dr Joanna Bocheńska visited Koya University on 05/05/2014 and held a public seminar on Kurdish Studies in Poland. Ms. Bocheńska is a sineior reseacher at division of Kurdish Studies, Department of Iranian Studies, Institute of Oriental Studies of Jagiellonian University in Poland.
Dr Bocheńska covered the history of the Kurdish Studies in Poland since the nineteenth century till current days. She covered the role of important Polish Kurdologist and their studies, books published in various disciplines about the Kurds. Then talked about her efforts in this area, especially her studies of Kurdish literature and relevance the national identity.

Dr Bocheńska also introduced the Fritillaria Kurdica an e-magazine published by Kurdish Studies of Jagiellonian University. This Bulletin of Kurdish Studies is inspired by the postcolonial perspective applied by their research team. She declared that they hope to develop their Bulletin to be a valuable platform for East - West knowlegdege transfer on Kurdish studies. That is why they plan to publish it in other languages starting with English, Polish, Kurdish, Turkish and Russian. they strongly believe that in the multilingual postcolonial world English cannot be the decisive criteria for being recognized as a specialist on some topic, especially if you consider the world of Kurdish language in which knowledge is much more important than English in this case. She believes that they cannot imagine a specialist on America or Russia without fluent knowledge of its native languages, so there is not much difference with the Kurds and their wish to study them. 


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