Koya University lecturer is a Fulbright Candidate

Mr Sarkawt Amir Sabir Koya University's academic member Mr Sarkawt Amir Sabir who is an assistant instructor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of English, has been selected among his candidate peers on a Fulbright Program to teach at Reed College, one of the prestigious colleges in Portland, Oregon, USA for whole academic year, August 2014-May 2015. 
Interestingly, it is a nine-month non-degree program that provides young instructors an opportunity, apart from teaching, to refine their teaching skills, increase their English language proficiency, and extend their knowledge of the cultures of the United States. 
Additionally, Mr. Sabir will be assisting up to twenty hours of teaching a week and is required to enrol in at least two courses per semester at the host institution, one of which must be in U.S. Studies. The remaining coursework is related to his major in English Literature.
Koya University is escalating its presence in the global academic arena. In the latest Webometics ranking of 2014 Koya University has ranked as 20th best university in Iraq and 12096 globally. This is a remarkable achievement by a young and dynamic university in Middle East. 


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