New article published in Int journal by Koya University's Scientist

Koya University Researcher Dr. Fahmi Fariq, Head of Department of Physics and Lecturer at the faculty of Science and Health, has published a new research paper on the Gaq3 material, a novel organometallic material which can be utilized in the Organic Electronics technology. The article is to be appeared in Materials Chemistry and Physics, and it is now available worldwide through the journal’s homepage. The core finding of this research work includes the modification of Gaq3 morphology to produce nanostructure patterns.

This has been successfully achieved by means of a new route of post thermally annealing under nitrogen gas. As such, the nanostructure formation has led to improve the physical properties of Gaq3, making it a strong candidate to be utilized in the field of OLED technology. 

Materials Chemistry and Physics is a peer reviewed journal disseminated by Elsevier, the journal is ranked as tier Q1 in the field of Materials Science & Processing with impact factor 2.129 currently.

The experimental setup and measurements for this work has been done by Dr. Fahmi Fariq in collaboration with Dr. Khaulah Sulaiman at OERG, Department of Physics, University of Malaya.

Scientists at Koya University are encouraged to maintain continuous fruitful collaboration with the centres of excellence through their researches and innovations, enabling Koya University to have better global presence.

Please see "Optical and morphological modifications in post-thermally treated tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) gallium films deposited on quartz substrates", at Materials Chemistry and Physics (2014).

Koya University is increasing its presence in the global academic arena. In the latest Webometics ranking of 2014 Koya University has been ranked as 20th best university in Iraq and 12096 globally. This is a remarkable achievement by a young and dynamic university such as Koua University in the Middle East. 


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