A summary of Koya University research publications

Koya University was established in Oct 2003. The university has been promoting academic research throughout its relative short history. As the university growth and global presence become more demanding Koya University needs to make its publication more accessible to wider users. This will promote the overall strategy of the university as well as enlighten the best practice in knowledge transfer to younger researchers. The office of Vice President for Scientific and Higher Education Affairs at Koya University has started a university wide campaign to collect detailed data of all academic publications which have been produced in the name of the university. 

In an info seminar on the publication of the university at the LTI002, on Wednesday 1/4/2015 at 3:00 p.m. in presence of Dr. Weli Mahmud Hamed, the President of Koya University, the deans of the faculties and the heads of the departments of the University, Dr. Dilan Majeed Rustom, the Vice President of Koya University for Scientific and Higher Education Affairs threw light on the publications that have been registered via provided online form so far and asked for wider participation of Koya University academic community. 

Dr Dilan mentioned that these publications are related to Koya University research activities by all faculties which up to this point 440 publication have been registered. He further said that registering the academic publications should be done according to subject rather than author, and if a research is published by two or more teachers, it should be registered only once in the name of all the authors.
The Vice President also showed some statistical information concerning the trend in publications across the university. In terms of language, the statistics showed that 60% of the researches have been written in English, 36 % in Arabic and 14% in Kurdish. "This shows the importance of the English language in the advancement of the university and in promoting the level of the researcher's profile," Dr. Dilan said. "It is essential that the teachers realise the significant role of language and continue to write their researches in English especially when the Ministry of Higher Education is taking great interest in the universities global ranking therefore the articles which are published in the international journals play a special role in this respect," he added.
As far as the faculties are concerned, the statistics showed that 35 % of the researches belong to the Faculty of Science and Health, 31% to the Faculty of Education, 23 % to the Faculty of Engineering and 11% to the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. At the level of the departments, the department of Physics within the Faculty of Science and Health has the highest percentage, which is 14%.
In a special statement to the university's Newsletter, the Vice President stated "The process of registering the researches of Koya University teachers will be ongoing; therefore, all the teachers have to register their researches directly after being published." "All the teachers who have university e-mail can directly have access to the results," he added.  Registration data and the results will be available at all times on the website of the Office of the Koya University Vice President for Scientific and Higher Education Affairs. Click here to visit.


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