To enable a brighter future and create a sustainable future for Koya University in which the students and staff thrive. Furthermore Koya University strives to:
  • become known as a centre of excellence for ensuring the quality of education at the local, regional and international levels.
  • be a centre of research and teaching, dedicated to developing and disseminating original knowledge to benefit the our world and Kurdistan in particular. This is underpinned by a commitment by its administration.
  • achieve excellence under the climate which characterised by independence, freedom and democracy, including equality, and contribute to community service and sustainable development.


Koya University maintains the goal of becoming:

  • The first choice for students seeking academic excellence and quality of education
  • A magnet for researchers who seek a conducive atmosphere for research and development of their ideas  

By attracting ambitious and talented students and faculty we at Koya University intend to  firmly establish this institution among the top universities in the region by 2022, and be recognised as the leading center of higher education within Kurdistan Region. We endeavor for recognition in our signature contributions in educational quality, energy and sustainability, cultural studies and health.

Aim and Objectives of Koya University
Koya University aims to:
  • ensure the quality of education and continuous development through awareness of the culture of quality.
  • coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and with other educational institutions to ensure access to an integrated system of standards and rules of comparisons of development and mechanisms for measuring performance and guided by international standards.
  • providing continuous consulting and training courses for faculty members at the university.
  • continuous development of educational programs and graduate programs in line with the requirements of the times and lead to the quality of graduates.
  • upgrading managing the university through the electronic management, including help to strengthen the link between the schools and the link with other local educational institutions, at a regional and global level.
  • development of better education and establishing new programs to achieve accreditation and respond to local and regional competitive.
  • establishing specialised scientific centers of effective training, community service and advancing the development and cultural progress.
  • provide an atmosphere of creativity and excellence and deepening of the noble values ​​that maintain the fabric of society and progress.