Aside from its proximity to classes, the library, and University events, on-campus housing gives students the chance to meet others and participate in school-sponsored activities.

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Freshman Housing 
Incoming freshmen are required to live on campus and have a choice between some our Student high rises. Freshmen are housed together, and most freshmen will share a double room with another freshman student. All the residence halls of Koya University are on Campus and are provided with regular administrative and security services. Koya University has five multistory residence halls, three for boys and two for girls. All undergraduate students who study at Koya University and whom their original place of residence is outside Koya city, are eligible for residence in the halls. 
In each residence hall there is an administrative unit with some staff to respond to the students' needs and problems within the limits of their authority; otherwise, raise the issue to the Directorate of Residence Halls. Urgent issues are raised immediately via mobile phone or wireless, while non-urgent ones are raised by email.
In addition to raising students' environmental awareness, the Directorate of the Residence Halls is responsible for ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the resident students. To this end, all the cleaning work of the buildings has been contracted out through tendering to a company which is responsible for cleaning the buildings on daily basis, collecting and removing garbage from the buildings and taking it to garbage dumps outside the university campus.
Each building consists of five storeys plus basement; on each floor, there are 25 shared rooms i.e. there is a total of 125 room in each building. Each floor has also two small rooms provided with washing machines and used as laundry. Total number of laundry rooms in each building is 10.

Each floor also contains four computer halls. Total computer rooms are 20 in each building There is also a special room for the Resident Assistant/ Resident Mentor on each floor.
On the ground floor of each building there is a big sports hall equipped with different sporting facilities for students who are interested in sports.
On the second floor of each building there is a big students' cafeteria which is annually hired out with its income used for the benefit of the students.
On the third floor of each building there is a big hall for reading.
On each floor there is a communal kitchen shared by 4 rooms. It includes all kitchen appliances like cookers, refrigerators and other kitchen tools.
There is a communal bath and toilet shared by every 4 rooms on each floor.
On the ground floor of each building there is an administrative unit with some staff to respond to look after students' affairs and respond to their comments and needs if they can, or raise them to the people concerned.

Non-Smoking Housing 
All College housing is smoke free. If you or your roommate choose to smoke, it must be 30 feet from any building. We still ask you to indicate your smoking status and preference for a smoking or nonsmoking pairing on the housing application.

Sport Facilities
The centre has been built to ensure University students and staff continue to enjoy access to sporting and recreational opportunities on campus.
The sports centre will house the following sports areas and facilities:

  • a multi-purpose sports hall suitable for a range of sporting activities up to national level, including badminton, volleyball, table tennis and netball
  • two multi-purpose studios, suitable for a range of sports, group exercise and dance activities
  • a floodlit 3G pitch suitable for football
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