Koya University is located in the city of Koya (Koysinjaq), which is 1.0 hr drive to the East of the Kurdistan Region capital Erbil (Arbil, Hewlér) in North Iraq. Kurdistan Region is governed by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) which is an independent government. It is on the foothills of beautiful high mountain. Its campus has been carefully laid out to embrace the beautiful mountainous nature. The whole university is on one single campus (university park). Several free hopper buses regularly loops on university campus which make the transportation easy on our campus. 
How to get to our campus, 
There are two major Intentional airports in Kurdistan Region namely Erbil International Airport (EBL) and Sulaimaniyah International Airport (ISU). There are private taxi which can easily take you to Koya University campus. Please see following google map which show our campus in the city of Koya.