Strategic Planning 2012-2022

As we plan for the future of this great University, we are reminded of the strong foundation upon which we are implementing our strategic plan. The pride that we feel so strongly has been on splendid display this year, from our achievements in the classroom and research laboratories, as well as on the field.

As it has been unveiled Koya University, we have ambitious goals for the future to become a centre of excellence in Kurdistan Region. The Strategic Plan articulates the Koya University's mission, vision and guiding principles. It sets out how we will build on our assets and strong achievements to meet the challenges the University will face over the next 10 years, and how we will sustain our position as one of the leading universities in the region. It also shows how we will measure our success as a young and create a better environment for our academic community to invest in their future. We aim to become a leading student centred university with an all inclusive e-Smart infrastructure investing in our stakeholders.  

Koya University aim to become a first choice for education and research. The university will expand to accommodate more unique program to server the excellent education in the region. Koya University Medical School and Manufacturing department will be the first in line of these expansion which were started in Academic year 2014/2015. The ambitions of our dedicated staff are to promote the city of Koya and the Kurdistan Region with a unique medical school and industrial opportunities which focus on experienced teaching staff and global standard. Koya Univerity is fully committed to work towrds implementation on Bologna Process to bridge with European Higher Education framwork. 

Koya University call upon global partnership in establishing links for new ambitions and research collaborations as well as exchange students programs.

Initiate March 2012
Last updated: Nov 2015




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