Call for Paper: The international Conference on "Religion & Social Peace: Challenges and Prospects (ICRSP 2022)"

ICRSP; Koya UniversityWe are pleased to invite you to participate in the International Conference, “Religion and Social Peace: Challenges and Prospects ICRSP 2022", which will be held on 16-17 Feb. 2022, Erbil-Iraq, and organized by Catholic University in Erbil, jointly with Koya University. This conference aims to join together researchers, academics and professionals interested in matters relating to religion and social peace.

The DQA at KOU Held its First Meeting in the Academic Year (2021-2022) with the Faculties QA Officers

Salah I. Yahya; Koya UniversityOn 12th September 2021, the Directorate of the Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development (DQA&CD) at Koya University (KOU) had a meeting with the Faculties QA officers. This is the first meeting that was held in the new academic year 2021-2022 with QA officers. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Salah I. Yahya, the Director of the DQA&CD.
The meeting discussed the follwing important matters:

Japan Science Society and Nippon Foundation Donated Books to KOU with a Grant of JPY355,971

KoNippon Foundationya University library is being selected by the Japan Science Society and Nippon Foundation to receive up to 200 books through “Books for Understanding Japan” donation program, the READ JAPAN PROJECT. This program is opened to overseas libraries and the selected institutions receive a donation of up to 200 English books on Japan from the Nippon Foundation (JPY355,971). The books have been carefully chosen by a committee of 21 experts with extensive knowledge of Japan and cover five mail categories: Politics & International Relations, Economics & Business, Society & Culture, Literature & Arts, and History. The major objectives of the books are to develop a greater understanding of Japan, support study and research in Iraq, and enhance understanding between the two countries.

Three Students from KOU got Full M.Sc. Scholarship from Nankai University and Southwest University of Jiaotong – China

Three students, one from the Department of Software Engineering and two from the Department of Architectural Engineering, at Koya University got full M.Sc. scholarships from the Nankai University, China and Southwest University of Jiaotong, China. These two scholarships from the both universities were granted to the three students at Koya University based on the memorandum of understantanding with Koya University and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - KRI.

Department of Mathematics Held a Workshop on "Application of Operation Research in Real Life"

Auditurium; Koya UniversityApplication of Operation Research in Real Life was an intensive 3 days’ workshop from 8th to 10th of August 2021 which was held by Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdulqader Otheman Hamad Ameen from Mathematics Department at Koya University. This workshop provided the academic staff of Koya University with an experience that is valuable for their academia by mainly focusing on management applications, modelling, and the main phases of Operation Research which includes: ,,,, Read more

Department of Chemistry at KOU Held a Workshop on ‘Chemical Ingredient of Food and its Labelling’

FSCHOnce again, one of the academic staff of the Department of Chemistry, Asst. Prof. Dr. Salam Ghafour Taher on 4th of August inaugurated one-day workshop on Chemical ingredient of food and the best way to read the labels on it, which was organised by the  FSCH at Koya University. In this workshop, the focus was on how to decide which food is of a better quality by reading the label of food and knowing the ingredients that define and measure it’s quality. Additives which play a crucial part in our daily food are substances added to food to prevent spoilage, appearance, preserve flavour or enhance taste, or other sensory qualities. Emulsifiers (which used to prevent water and fat from separating), thickeners, vitamins and minerals, sweeteners, and salt are all common examples of additives.

Twenty Female Trainees at KOU have been Graduated in the Context of Qudra 2 Program

Qudra 2 ProgramAs a joint project, on August 04th 2021, 20 female trainees who successfully participated in 20 days of the Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) and detergent-making trainings at Koya University have to show up to receive their certificates of accomplishments. In an environment of positive reflections, the trainees awarded their certificates. for more details, click here

Departments of Clinical Psychology Held a Workshop on "Children with Special Needs: Categories and Causes"

FSCH-KOUThe Department of Clinical Psychology at Koya University was pleased to offer an enriched and flexible learning experience through an online workshop which contributed to an integration as a part of Continuous Improvement Programme which was commenced from the 17th of July 2021 for 3 days consecutively. In this workshop, Prof. Dr. Jabar Ahmed Abdul-Rahman threw light upon ‘Children with special needs: (categories and causes)’. ‘Special needs’ is a used term for a wide range of diagnoses, from those that resolve swiftly to those with sever condition which can be a challenge for life. Those children may have medical conditions, developmental delays, psychiatric conditions, and/or congenital conditions. These special needs require accommodations so children can reach their potential. 

Koya University Ranked 6778 among 31000 Worldwide Universities and Shifted Forward 2000 positions

WebometricsOn July 26, 2021, the Ranking Web of Universities (Webometrics) has announced its July Edition of the year 2021. More than 31,000 worldwide universities were ranked, where 30 universities from the Kurdistan Region-Iraq were listed in the ranking. Koya University ranked 6778 amon 31,000 worldwide universities and ranked 7 among the Public Universities in Kurdistan region. It is worthy to mention that Koya Universty was ranked 8711 in the Jan.-2021 Edition.

Departments of Medical Microbiology and Biology Held a Workshop on "DNA Sequencing"

FSCH; KOUBoth the department of Medical Microbiology and the department Biology at Koya University held a workshop on the "DNA Sequencing". In this workshop, the participants were oriented on the usage of BioEdit software and three other useful online programs (NCBI, DDBJ, and EMBL) which can be used to organize nucleotides, perhaps finding a new strain of microorganisms, if there is a proper gap after the fitting. The utilization of these programs have been organised by Mr Mohammed Isam Jameel from Medical Microbiology department in two days (6 hours) which was commenced from the 29th of June 2021.
About the workshop:
The Instructors: Mr. Mohammed Isam Jameel
Faculty: Science and Health
Departments:  Medical Microbiology and Biology
Number of participants: 28 Academic staff
Number of days: 2 days.


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